February 27, 2011

Chaira turns 2

My niece Chiara turned 2 this past weekend.  So we had everyone over to our home for a little fun birthday party.  We had a great dinner and fun little party for her and all the little ones.  Happy Birthday Chiara!  We sure love you and are so happy you live just right down the road from us.

February 25, 2011

Girls night

My cute sister-in-law Camille came to Boise for the weekend.  She is attending BYU-I and thought it would be nice to break away for a few days.  We were so excited that she came.  We had a great time and my boys always love seeing the Snyders when they come to visit.  Saturday night was girls night.  We went to Chili's to eat and then spent our evening bowling.  Man it has been way too long.  We had a fun night laughing non-stop. Girls night has become so theraputic for us sometimes.  There is nothing like going out with the girls for some good old fashion fun.
 Thanks for coming Camille! We loved having you with us. Come and see us again soon!

February 24, 2011

Living out of a box

It seems to be that the past year of my life has been spent living out of box.  From selling to renting to owning again it has been a very long haul.  But we have finally moved back in to our home and we are starting to live outside of the box.  It has been almost a week since we moved in and Lance and I have taken time each day to really look inside each box we own and see what is worth keeping and what isn't.  I never really believed that we had so much junk.  I really shouldn't say junk because at one point in our lives it wasn't considered junk, but now it is.  In the rental home we just moved from, half of our lives were still in boxes stacked up against a wall and seldom did we look for something we needed from them.  With every move we de-junktify our lives by about half.
We have moved back into a smaller space so we have had to down size quite abit.  I am happy to report that I can now park my car in our garage.  Lance really worked hard to get it all cleaned up.  Thanks Lance!  We consigned a lot of our belongings to a guy Lance and his brothers discovered working this job that they do, and we also just put a lot in the garbage.  It feels nice to have it all gone.  We are not horders by any means, we just have collected a lot of things along the way and having children hasn't helped it at all either.
We are getting settled.  Our boys are finding a lot of new friends in our neighborhood. We live at the dead end of a little L shaped subdivision and so I have no anxiety about them getting run over by a car.  It is pretty safe and they are enjoying it, I think.  They are having Chesley withdrawls though.  The Chesley's are a our good friends whom we rented from.  They were our next door neighbors and great friends.  Now we live alittle further down the street so there is no more running next door to see if they can play.
I am finding myself more impatient because they are getting bored quite often.  I am trying to find activites for them to do and it is making me really tired.  It has made me emotional also. I am sure that the fact that I am pregnant hasn't helped it one bit but it has put more of an edge to it.
 After Owen woke up from his nap today we decided to go to the library for the afternoon.  After we were done we checked out and the lady behind the desk was pregnant too.  She mentioned that it was her 6th child and that she was being induced on Tuesday.  So she looked at me and said "  You must not be too far behind me either right?"  WRONG! I am due end of July early August.  I didn't think I looked that big.  It didn't help that I had a sweater and a heavy coat on too but come on? Really?  I have been upset since then.  I really shouldn't be but I let it get to me and that is what makes me mad about it.  Oh well. I can't help it if my babies are close to 10 pounders.  We will move on.
I am taking this class about Reflexology.  It has been eye opening for me.  One of my good friends from our ward is teaching it and I love what I am learning.  The body is an amazing thing.  We are working alot with the foot and the foot is the window to the body.  There is a quote that hangs on the wall where I go that says "The foot never lies."  Now I believe it.  The other night we were learning the points and areas to work on with pregnant woman and there is a certain pressure point on the right foot just under the ankle bone where you can actually feel the baby's heart beat.  So all the woman wanted to feel my baby's heart beat and sure enough, there is was.  Truly amazing!  So I have been using it on my boys when I see them having difficulties or when an illness is coming on.  It can literally tell you what is going on in the body.  Heavenly Father sure knew what he was doing.  There are amazing "tools" that help us idenitfy our true feelings and the areas of the body that help us recognize those feelings.
For example.  Last week I was the example Amber used.  We were talking about Chakras {I will not go into detail about that} but I was laying on the floor and there were certain areas on my foot that told her I was having a hard time with the 3rd Chakra which is the throat.  This deals with communication, feelings of not being heard and so forth.  Well come to find out it was all true. Everything that she asked me if I was having a hard time with was true and I responded with a emotional and bold YES!!!! So now I know what I must work on.  We are reading a book called "Feelings buried Alive never die" and it is a great book.  I recommend it to anyone who is dealing with feelings that perhaps they thought had been buried but tend to resurface every now and then.  I personally thought there were a lot of feelings and emotions that I had experienced buried in the grave never to be opened again but believe it or not they were never really fully resolved or put to rest.  So now I must go back and bury those feelings so I can move on.  They are not feelings that are tormenting or anything but bugging me.  So I will work on them slowly each day and I feel like I can really move on and progress.  There are so many things that hold us back and I just want to move forward with life and wake up happy.
Don't get me wrong. You are probably thinking I am one depressed mom.  I am quite the opposite. I just have personal things I have to lay to rest.
I want to find a passion in life.  I love my family very much but there has got to be something out there that I feel passionate about.  So that is what I am going to work on finding.  It might be expensive, it might not be, but I want to find it.  I have to find it.
I am going to make the effort to step outside my box and find me.  I am ready for the journey. I just hope my family will be able to handle me.  I ask for your forgivness before I even begin. Here we go!

Rub a dub dub, 3 boys in a tub

This is what our evenings look like mostly. Content, happy boys that like to have a bath

February 17, 2011

Home decor

Since we are moving I am remodeling quite abit.  Here are a few of our ideas we are doing for our home.  I hope to have it all done and looking nice.  This is what I hope to have finished sometime soon.

Here is the entryway. Don't you love the decorative board along the wall? I fell in love with it. It adds so much character and class.

This is what our collage will look like when I get it all done.
This will be in our living room.

I saw this idea and fell in love. So up it goes.

Something like this in my boys room. They love doing homework and it would be a fun little area to call their own.
This is what we woke up to this morning...
Really? I thought spring was suppose to come.
Valentine's day was a pretty low key day.
My boys were excited because it meant parties at school with
lots of candy.  Well that is what they got. We didn't do much except hang out at home and get things packed up.
We had our extended family over for pizza dinner that night. This was the only picture I was able to get.  John, Carrie and Brantly. I had to take their picture because B was so entertained with a balloon tied around his ankle. They are a very sweet family.

B with Elmo
Hope your Valentine's Day was speical.

February 13, 2011

Ava and Olivia

I had to post these pictures of these two sweet little girls I call my nieces.  My sister just had their pictures taken last week and they turned out so cute.  Aren't they adorable?  I have only seen the littlest one a few times but she is the cutest little thing ever.  She is a a carbon copy for what Ava looked like when she was born.  Enjoy!

Doesn't that last picture just melt your heart?  Ava is so in love with this baby.  It is really sweet watching her help take care of Olivia.

Our life right now

It has been quite a while since I last posted.  I am starting to wonder who actually reads this anyways.  But I keep telling myself that if I don't write then my journaling stops too.  So I do this mostly for myself.  It is fun to look back on and read about what has happened to us.
There is a lot to write about.  We are kind of in a crazy state right now.  We are in between moves right now and life just seems hectic.  I am not a fan of moving.  I wish Lance would have explained to me why he likes to move so much.  We have been living in this rental home for about a year.  It has been a great move for us.  We have enjoyed really great neighbors and a great location.  I think this move was for our children.  They have made great friendships with the kids next door.  We are going to be in their ward so that will be nice.  Let me go back.  We have been living outside our ward boundaries ever since we moved into this rental.  Lance has been serving in the Young Men's Presidency and has loved it.  The bishop gave us permission to stay.  At the time we thought we were going to start building again right away so we figured why change wards if it was only for a few months?  Well plans changed and we didn't build.  In fact, one of our homes that we had rented out was a lease purchase to own contract.  The renters put down a large amount of $ to secure the contract and as of a few months ago they decided to back out and that left us with a house with no renters in it.  This rental home is just right down the road from us.  It is in a nice location and we have a few friends in the ward there already living in that subdivision.  So maybe it will be good?
These renters left the house with a lot of work that needed to be done before we were going to move in.  Our new carpet goes in tomorrow and I am hoping to do quite a bit a painting before we move our things in.  I am hopeful I can get it all done.  Keep your fingers crossesd.  I will post pictures later.
So for now we are in that stage of living out of boxes.  I am not a fan of that but what else can we do?  I am trying to stay positive and have a good attitude about this move.  For those of you who think you know me, I am not a fan of change.  Never have been and it will probably always be really hard for me.  But I am slowly adapting and I am trying to stay positive.
This morning my boys were so entertained with empty boxes upstairs that have yet to be put to use.  They were making forts and playing so nicely with each other.  I just wanted to pull out my video camera and catch it all on tape.  They can play nicely with each other! They can get along!  It was a nice moment.
Owen is going to nursery without crying now.  That is huge news in the Snyder home.  All of our boys have struggled with nursery but Owen has adapted the fastest of the 3.  I hope it will be that easy going into a new ward.  There are only about 5 other kids in his nursery class right now.  We do not live in a young family ward.  In the ward we are going into there are 2 seperate nurserys with 10+ kids in each.  This could get interesting.
Lance has been staying busy.  It is a blessing to have work.  We will take whatever we can get right now.  We take it one day at a time.
As for me, well I am staying busy between all the duties that I have.  Life is good. I feel a whole lot better.  The first trimester was terrible.  I got pretty sick with this baby.  I am crossing my fingers and praying hard for a girl.  Someone asked me today "Why don't you make it a surprise?"  I looked at this guy and thought "Are you kidding me? I have to know if it is a boy or a girl. I have to prepare myself completely for this.  I have to know if there is a girl or a boy inside of me."  Now maybe if I had already had a girl prior I would have made it a surprise but, NO, I got to know!!!!
Well there you have it! Our life right now.  Might be really boring to those of you reading this but to us, we are healthy, happy and having fun in the process.

February 3, 2011

We are excited to announce
Baby Snyder #4 coming
in August.
We are crossing our fingers for a girl
this time..... stay tuned