February 19, 2013

February Randomness

 This post is one of the most random for me. But here we go. This is what life has been like in our home this month. This month is almost over and I wanted to jot down a few of the things that have happened to me and my kids.
Ellie. Where do I begin with Ellie. She is the most active, most impatient little child I have ever had. She is at that stage where she just wants everything, and if she can't have it, watch out! She is constantly begging or pulling on my pants, she learned out to pinch, bite and just scream at the top of her lungs. The terrible two's are hitting us early. I am not ready for this. I am constantly exhausted by this. But, isn't that what I signed up for? I didn't think so but this is life right now for me with her. She sleeps really well, which is the best part of it right now for her. I live for naps. She still has two naps a day. We are slowly transitioning into the one nap but I am not ready for that yet. She is a picky eater. She will usually eat what you put on her plate but more often than not, it ends up in her lap or on the floor. She is crazy about any kind of fruit. She loves the small oranges and grapes. She loves yogurts, cereal and another favorite, just plain toast. Gross!
She has all of her teeth and I think her two year molars are trying to come through which might explain the fussiness. I don't see anything inflamed yet but I have a feeling that is what is going on. I can't imagine how much it hurts but at the same time, if this is what it is, I am going to be so burnt out before they come through. But when I look at her and how stinkin cute she is, I just can't help but love her and want to squeeze her tight. She is just so cute right now. I can put her hair in pigtails, her clothes are so cute. Did I mention how fun it is to dress a little girl? Well it is a lot of fun!!!!! That is Ellie right now!

Keaton. Where do I start? This son of mine is extremely intelligent. He constantly amazes me with how much he knows. I volunteer every Tuesday in his class and I just love being with him in his class and seeing him interact with his friends and teacher. He has an incredible teacher this year. Ms. Holt has really taught him to love learning and she has made it so fun for him. He comes home with so much excitement about what he learned that day. His best subject right now is Math. He has excelled in math so much that he has moved up to the 5th grade math level. So on the days when he has math he goes to the advanced class. Isn't that amazing? I am amazed. He still loves to tease his brothers. But isn't that what a brother is for? He is really helpful with Ellie. They get along really well. She loves him and he LOVES her! It is so sweet to see them play together. He loves playing with is friends. He still loves his ripstick and right now his passion - football. He loves anything that has to do with football. He just loves it that much. He and his dad have fun watching games together. He has a few loose teeth and is frustrated that they are not coming out. I have offered to pull them out but he doesn't want that at all.
Owen. Oh my goodness. This son of mine is so full of energy. So full of life. He is in preschool and loves every chance he gets to go. He is learning at his own pace and that is okay. He is only 3. But he reminds us all the time that he will be turning 4 in April. He has a speech impediment and he is being evaluated for it. We will find out this week if he qualifies for the speech pathology program. I think it will be a good thing.
His mission in life right now - is to torment Ellie. He is always trying to make her mad. He is always pushing her down or making these weird noises that just set Ellie on a fringe.

Andrew. He is love. He shows love. He refuses love at times and he also knows how to make people feel loved. I have really been trying to be in tune with this son of mine. He is still not completely in love with kindergarten. He has a great teacher who just loves and adores him. He is the grandma of all teachers. She has really taught him to read and learn. He still is not crazy about homework and practicing at home. I feel like I have to pull teeth just to get it done with him. I am not worried. We will get there. I don't want to rush this one.
He is constantly asking for a treat. I think we have a candida issue with this one. I am trying really hard to find a way to help him out. I am studying, pondering and praying like crazy on how to help this one. To understand what he is thinking and why he has such issues with obedience. But like every mother, there is always a child that just puzzles them. He is mine. But I love him so much. I just love that he will come up and hold my hand and he will tell me he loves me and I know that all is okay with the world when that happens. He loves good food. I appreciate that. He sleeps really well. He is the last one to wake up every morning. I wish all my children could inherit that quality. He has been that way since he was born. I love my Drew!
This picture I caught on camera one morning while he and Ellie were in the bathroom just laughing and hanging out. He was shaving before he went to school. This was a kit that Santa brought them in their stockings this year. I just think he is so adorable!

This is me and my baby bump at 17 weeks. We will find out in two more weeks what we are having. I can't believe I am this far along. There are times when I think, am I completely crazy? 6 kids? What are we doing? What am I doing? How am I going to do this? I am so overwhelmed right now at the thought that I am going to have 5 kids with me by myself in the pew instead of 4. 
I was just released from my calling as the Wolves Cub Scout leader. After being in scouts for over a year it is time to call it quits. I was just called to be a teacher in Relief Society. I am excited for the calling.
I am feeling better. Some days are not so good. But I expect that. I feel like I am the biggest I have been with any of my babies at this stage. My doctor keeps reassuring me that I am right where I need to be. My body just knows what its doing, preparing for a big baby. I literally have BIG babies too. All of them over 9 lbs.. Maybe this babe will be my biggest of all? I am crossing my fingers that its not so. Time will tell. I haven't hardly gained any weight but it looks like it. My due date is on August 5th. Ellie's 2nd birthday. Some part of me wishes and hopes it is another girl so she can have someone to play with and love her. Two little girls at the tall end, isn't that perfect? We will just have to wait and find out.

Lance is really busy building homes. We seldom see him. When he is home, he is in his office on the phone with clients or construction crews. He is also managing to fit his bishopric duties in there too. He is one busy guy and the Lord keeps blessing him with more homes to build then he can keep up with. We are being so blessed right now and I feel safe in the fact that Heavenly Father really does watch over and bless us with those things we really need in the time we need them. I have no doubt about that.
So that is all my randomness for February. Enough said. Now it's time to take kids to school.