May 24, 2013

Sweet Grandma Ray

This morning I woke up to my phone dinging. We received the news from mom that Grandma Ray passed away this morning. I couldn't go back to sleep. All I could do was lay in bed and just think about this amazing woman that touched so many lives.
Grandma Ray was 92 years old and last week she suffered a stroke. Since then her health had really declined. Lance's mom was in town visiting with us when she received the news. She flew back home that evening to be with her mom.
I am sure her reunion in heaven has been a very joyous one. She has been reunited with 3 of her daughters who have long passed on before her. I can only imagine her happiness and joy. She has been relieved from the condition that she was in.
We have been reading her life story. Sharon brought us a big notebook full of family history for us to enjoy. I am so thankful that she did. I have been reading it every night. Last night I went to bed late and didn't get to read but I felt like I was missing out. I woke up this morning and picked back up where I left off. I feel like I have really come to love and adore her even more, knowing the great life and legacy that she has lived and left behind. I have really enjoyed reading her stories and getting to know them all over again.
I don't think I have ever heard one negative spoken from Grandma. She was so positive and if she were in the worst pain ever, you would have never known it. She always had a smile and just the warmest feelings were felt from her. She made me feel so loved and accepted when Lance and I married. I always felt so loved when I was around them.
Their home was a very welcome place for anyone. I remember going there for Maxi family home evenings. Yes, I know it is a strange name but what a wonderful tradition it was. We would meet the first Monday of every month for a large family home evening. Everyone participated and everyone had a great time. Making Christmas cookies in their home, spending the holidays there.
I think of Grandpa. What will he do? I have never known two people to be so close. They were always together and always happy. So in love and so blessed. What an amazing example to me of how an eternal marriage really is and can be.
Lance and I will fly to Arizona next weekend for the funeral. We will miss you Grandma! Until we meet again. We love you!!!!!

Isn't this an amazing site? This was the Ray family reunion a few years back. Look at all these amazing people. This probably isn't half of the family. But large enough to know that they have a great heritage.

I just love this picture. Isn't it just the sweetest? Grandpa was so sweet to her and this just shows it.