January 24, 2014

Let's start off right

I must admit. I have thought and debated whether I was going to keep a blog. Just another thing to add to my list of things to do or accomplish for the new year. Since it is a new year we are starting it off right. I do this for myself and for my children, so that one day we can go back and read and remember all the good and the not so good that has happened.
I can't believe that we are approaching Valentine's Day already. I was always told that the older you get, the faster time flies. Well I am really starting to believe that.
So much has been going on. We are all healthy again. We had a few crazy weeks before Christmas but we are back to good and I am thankful everyday for a healthy body and for healthy kids.
Here is an update on the last few months with each and everyone of us.
So full of life. So busy. So cute! Ellie is now 2. She is our busy 2 year old. I don't remember any of my other children being this hard at 2. To sum  her up... ENERGETIC!
She breaks everything she touches, she is right behind me to mess up whatever it is I have cleaned.
She will put anything in her mouth. I find myself constantly asking her "What's in your mouth?"
She is a good sleeper. Except for the fact that once a month she will have a night that is completely off.
Everything is mine. She claims it all. She wants it all. You will usually find her playing with her brothers, or stuck to my leg. She loves when the two older come home from school. She is sad to see them go each morning. She goes with me each morning to drop kids off with her backpack on and ready to go to "school"
She is connected with her blanket. It goes everywhere with her. The ends are starting to fray.
It is always dirty because she is carrying it around. She loves to get into her dad's desk in his office and make a mess of things. That is really fun to clean up. Most of the time we try to get it cleaned up before dad sees. Don't tell him that though.
She LOVES nursery. She just advanced to Sr. Nursery and we just love her leaders. They are a great couple that moved back into our ward.
We LOVE Ellie!
When did my baby grow up? Seriously we are going on almost 6 months. Yes! It is true, our last is getting so big. I can't tell you how much I love this little guy. He just melts my heart with each and every smile. He has been a great baby. So happy and so full of giggles.
We started him on solids and he is loving it. I was hoping to wait a bit longer but he was licking his lips and smacking them while we would eat our meals. I knew that was in indication that he was ready. So we did and he loves it! He looks so big sitting in a high chair. Once you start solids you can't go back. Here we go.........
Hayden is a great a taking naps during the day. It is the nighttime that we could do better at. He is still up every 3-4 hours to eat. Sometimes I just tell myself that he will get the hang of it but so far he hasn't. He slept better as a little baby then he does now. I guess I am partly to blame because it is much easier to go in and feed him for a quick 5 minutes than to hear him cry all night long. Not ready for that yet.
He can almost roll over. He is almost there. He has a whole team cheering for him when he does try. He will get there sooner than later. He still doesn't like being on his tummy.
I think a tooth is in the works but I am not sure. He is drooling like crazy. Gnawing on everything and is constantly biting. There is one coming. I am prepared for the teething stage. Bring it!
He is doing much better in his car seat. Doesn't scream anymore. Only when he is tired.
We are so in love with him.....
I am so thankful for this sweet helper. He is really a huge help. He is a great kid. We really lucked out with this one. I shouldn't say that, we really lucked out with all great kids. But this guy is just on fire. He is doing so well in school. He has a great group of friends and his favorite thing right now is football. He is really good at it too. Since Christmas they have been collecting football cards. That
must be the new thing to do at recess at school. He comes home and just stares at them and reads all the stats to me on the back of every card. I am starting to remember all the players.
He is really smart and getting all A's. He loves to read. He is really good at math and spelling.
He loves learning new things. For Christmas he got a new basketball hoop that we mounted for him in our garage so they can go out and play. They love that. Thank heavens for a garage that is so incredibly big that they can use it as a gym in the winter.
He is in Senior Primary and supposedly that is a really big thing. He is excited to go each week to church. Love that fire in him! He is helpful. He is a wonderful big brother and I love watching him play with the other kids. What would we do without him?
This sweet boy of mine turned 7during Christmas. I can't believe it. I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday and now he is 7. He has reminded us each year that he doesn't want anything that has to do with Christmas for his birthday. So this year we took him and a bunch of friends and family to a jump house. He had a great time until he saw the food stand and wanted something to eat. Sometimes those things can set him off. So the whole time he spent it starring at the food and demanding something to eat. So we caved in on his birthday and we bought treats for him and his friends and he was happy as a clam.
One thing that drives this kid is food. Even if it isn't good he will eat it. He does appreciate good food or new meals that I try out. I love him for that. He LOVES to eat. He could eat all day. It is has been that way with him since the day he was born.
He was moved up to Senior Primary with Keaton and he is big stuff now. He is playing Basketball right now and doing really well. He loves playing sports. He has a new interest in Football now like Keaton. When they come home from school that is all they talk about, the football games they played at school during recess.
He loves to play the Wii U. Santa gave them one for Christmas. I think Santa could have done okay with just and only that and they would have been happy as clams. Note to Santa: Just one big fun toy is enough to make them happy.
This little guy keeps us smiling.
Oh my goodness. This kid as so much energy. He is so full of it that it is making me worn out just typing and thinking about it. He is up at 6 each morning and in bed by 7:30 each night with no rest in between. Oh heavens! We are in trouble if this is how it is always going to be.
He has the cutest speech impediment but hopefully that will change once he starts therapy. It is so cute right now but as a grown man- not so cute. Very nasally. He is a loud sleeper. Maybe I should have his adenoids looked at. He still creeps into our bed each night. He sleeps so crazy that we are always having to readjust him or us multiple times during the night. We have taken him back to his bed many times but he still ends up in our bed. I can't sleep.
He has the worst morning breath ever! Seriously, I just laugh every time he asks me what that "Bad air" is. Dude, it's your own breath.
Still apart of the no cavity club. Proud of that.
He LOVES to be with his older brothers. Waits everyday for them to come home from school.
LOVES preschool. He has a cute little group of friends that we always have play dates with.
He is into anything that Keaton and Andrew are into.
He is always in Hayden's face. Hayden doesn't like that too much. Owen is always there to see if he has ear wax in his ears or fuzzies in his toes from his socks. Gotta love him!!! What would our family be like without him?
He is on the countdown until his 5th birthday in April. He is growing too fast.

I don't think I have ever known someone who moves as much as he does. He is constantly busy. Work, church callings. You name it. He is doing it right now. I LOVE his ability to work and play. He knows when to put work aside and play.
His children know when he walks through that door and when he stomps his dad stomp they know dad is done with work and it is time to play.
The kids love wrestling with him. I think he loves doing that as well. Maybe not the kids jumping on his head or back but he loves good quality time with his children. I LOVE him so much for that.
He is still building up a storm. Last year he built over 20 homes and this year he is looking to do that same. He has really enjoyed building them and being creative. He has a great reputation.
This month we won a trip to Vegas to the BMC Conference at the M resort. So Lance and I, along with Hayden flew to Vegas for 2 days. It was so fun to see him be in that environment. He gets really excited about building. Me, not so much. I like that he really enjoys his job. Most of the time. There are times when it isn't so fun.
He is still serving in the Bishopric. He loves being involved and the ward members just love him.
Thanks Lance for all you are doing.
I have a lot to do this New Year. I have decided that this will be the year to discover Melissa. I can't really remember what it was that I loved doing. Since having kids those things tend to get put on the back burner. So this year we are going to rediscover. I have always wanted to play the piano. So this year we are starting. I have always wanted to learn to sew. So this year we are going to learn. Time to loose all the baby fat. Time to get back to working out.
Every morning Lance and I do P90X. It is kicking me into shape. LOVE that.
I am still teaching in Relief Society. I really enjoy that calling.
Besides taking care of 5 children and a husband I am happy and doing well.