July 24, 2011

The Discovery Center

The past couple of days have been crazy for everyone.  Thursday morning I called up my mom to see if she wanted to bring my neice Ava and also herself with us to the discovery center in Boise and help me entertain kids.  I had free passes for everyone so that made it quite an easy thing to do. I love it when things are for free.  Such a deal!  She climbed on board with us and we headed into town.
The kids loved the discovery center.  It is a place where they can experiment with science projects and explore some fun things.  They all had a great time taking turns on the pulley they had there.  You pull the rope to climb your way up to the top and let go to lower you back down.  They each had a good time playing in that.

Andrew found a bicycle with a skeleton on the same bike attached to the other side. He was curious about how the skeleton could ride a bike just like him.  I tried to explain to him that when he pedaled his bike, it was hooked up to the skeleton and he would do the same thing as he did.  The energy that he put forth to ride the bike gave the skeleton energy to ride his bike. He liked that!

My sister Rachel told me about the little groccery store they had set up in the back for all the little kids to shop in.  I looked just like a little mini market with food, shoppig carts, conveyer belts, register machines and the works.  I think we spent most of our time there playing with the kids. 

Afterwards we took them to lunch and then to the fish hatchery to see all the fish but to our utter disappointment, there were no fish. 
Thanks mom and Ava for coming with us.  It sure helped me.  We love having you with us!!!

July 20, 2011


There have been many phone calls, texts, email and etc. concerning my sister Rachel today.  To clarify everyone's stories, YES, she did in fact have a stroke this morning.  The doctor has labled it as a TIA stroke.  I have been reading up on it and it has been very interesting and also pretty intense with what it all entails.
I recieved a phone call this morning from my mom telling me that Rachel was on her way to the hospital for having suffered a possible stroke.  So all I could do was sit back and wait for more information.  What do you do?  There was nothing I could do. I just had to sit and wait and pray like crazy that the Lord knew what was going on and her life was in His hands.
Luckily her husband Jason was home to help her.  I have been up to see her this evening and she told me more about what happened.  She said she woke up this morning and everything was spinning a million miles a minute and that she felt like she needed to throw up.  So she tried to make her way into the bathroom and she kept running into the walls and doors trying to make it to the toilet.  Well she started convulsing and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. She said she remembers trying to call out for Jason and thank goodness he found her because she couldn't talk or do anything. So he called the ambulance and they rushed her to the hospital where she had been all day.  They did CT scans and MRI's to find a possible reason for it and so far they can't really tell.  They did call it a TIA stroke.  Ever heard of it? I hadn't.  This evening I have been doing quite abit of reading about it and from what they say, because she has had one already, she is more prone to have more.
She has been really scared.  Her first thoughts this morning while being helpless were, "What happens if this paralysis me?" or "Who is going to take care of my girls?"  Scary thoughts. 
We have been emotional all day long.  I am just glad none of this put me into labor.  We need to focus on them instead of us right now.  She needs your prayers.  She is a saint and she was in better spirits this evening but it is still very nerve racking to think about.  The unknown is what scares us the most, especially her and Jason.  Now they must teach their children how to call 911 or someone to help out when this happens to mommy again and what do you do exactly.
I have been emotional today also for her. She has become my best friend.  We do everything together and what would I do without her?  So my prayer this evening is that the Lord will keep her in mind and watch over and protect her.  Keep her safe and ok so that she can take care of her children.  That is all she has ever wanted to do.  Through all of this, her thoughts have been on her girls.
Rachel, we love you! We pray for you! And we are praying for a fast recovery. May the Lord watch over and keep you safe.  I love you!  Sleep tight tonight. I know that doesn't happen in a hospital but try to rest.  We will see you in the morning!

July 19, 2011

Getting closer

This morning I had a doctors appointment.  I was in huge hopes of some good news. But I was alittle disappointed with today's news.  I am still dialated to 2 cm.  Hasn't changed since last week and on a side note, the assistant asked me "How have you been feeling?"  I didn't think much of it.  So I gave the typical reasons why I didn't feel well :
~ really really really tired
~ constantly grumpy and huge mood swings
~ incredibly hot most of the time
~ feeling nervous and anxious

I finally asked why.  She then told me that my thryoid levels were dangerously low.  For normal functioning thyroids, the blood level should be around 41 something.  My levels were showing an  11.  Thats right, an 11.  Talk about really really low.  So the doctor commented on it and how it was pretty worriesome to him, so he ordered more blood work to be done today so we coudl get a better feel for where we are.
Now mind you this isn't the first time in my life I have had to deal with Thyroid issues.  Right before my mission I was diagnosed with a goiter.  Since then, it has been in remission and no activity has come of it.  I have had to have my blood drawn and tested every 6 months to make sure all was well and since my mission I have had no problems with it.  Well I guess this might be it.  I am not sure.  It could also be an issue with being pregnant. The doc said that more and more women are having issues with they're thyroids during pregnancy. I hope that is the case.  This stuff is no fun.
I was almost told I could not serve my mission due to thyroid problems.  We had a huge ward fast in my behalf and future test results cleared themselves up allowing me to serve. I am so glad too because that was an amazing experience.
Due to low levels it is diagnosed at Hyperthryroidism.  We will see.;
I will hear back either tomorrow or first thing Thursday to see what the results are.  So if they are still incredibly low, that means they will probably have to induce me, which isn't a bad idea if you ask me, or try to keep things going well with tons of meds.  I am not sure if  I want that. I am not too big on medications.  We will see. Wish us luck!!!

July 15, 2011

the big 6

Willy Wonka
That is where we took Keaton this morning for his 6th birthday.  We had always heard about a candy store on the far side of Boise that everyone told us would be worth the 45 minute drive into their.  Sure enough we did it!  I piled the boys in the car this morning and we made it in one piece and everyone did so well on the ride into town. I was so happy.  We sang songs, told stories and saw new places.  I don't think I have ever taken my boys into downtown Boise.  Not that there is much to see but all the really tall buildings and the hussle and bussle of city life.  They were pretty interested in all of it.  Andrew kept asking me, "Mom, where do all the kids ride their bikes and run through the sprinklers down here?"  I told him that there was no place for little kids to do that where we were.  He then said, "I would never want to live down here then. I love my bike and our grass."  Nice to know that son!
We arrived at Powell's.  That is what the candy store is called, but everyone calls it Willy Wonka's mini factory. I was interested to see just how fun this place was supposed to be.  Sure enough we parked right out in front and the boys started screaming "CANDY, CANDY!!!" I couldn't get them out of the car fast enough and Owen is at that stage where he is understanding what that means.  So he was just as excited.
Inside was amazing! The walls were covered in candy, the ceilings had candy hanging from them and the boys went crazy.  They all took off in different direction.  Luckily Owen's eye was caught by the first sucker in sight by the front door so I knew where he was at.  They literally had every kind of candy you could possibly think of and more.
There was a soda pop stand with old fashioned bar stools and you could sit and have a drink.
 Candy, candy everywhere

There was a corner tucked away with all the Willy Wonka candy in stock.  Another bonus, you could sit and watch the movie Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. A classic and one of my very favorites too. My kids love the movie also.

The boys watching the movie

Owen found his most favoirte treat of all.  He would not let go of it so we bought it. I hope it tastes as good as it looks to him. My guess, probably not, but then again this boy suprises me all the time.

That is where we spent the rest of the afternoon with Keaton's little friends.  It is a big warehouse in Meridian full of fun inflatables that kids can play on.  My boys loved it and I think all of his friends enjoyed it too.  He had quite the turn out too and since we didn't rent out a party room, which was way too much if you ask us, we decided to open up gifts outside on the lawn. How ghetto is that? Oh well, he was excited and he had a great time and that is all that matters, right?  Owen found the funnest play pal of all, his dad.  Since I can't really get in there and play around, dad became his new best friend.

 After a fun afternoon at Bounce, we went to Applebee's for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa treated the family to birthday dinner.  Then it was back to our home afterwards for cake and ice cream with just our family. It was so nice! Thanks mom and dad for doing that! Keaton loved it!
Since I knew that Andrew would have a hard time with all the present opening and such, we got him his own set of gifts too. That might confuse him now. I think he thinks he has two birthdays now. We bought the boys some bunk beds and we get to pick them up tomorrow so we got them new Spiderman and Mario and Lugi sheets for their beds.  I know, I know, ghetto too, but that is what they wanted and it made them so happy.  We also got them some new updated Boise State Bronco shirts to wear this coming season. They were pretty excited about that too.
 After cake and ice cream disaster, we put all the kids in the bath for a good wash and then we came back out for some more gifts.  Then the rest of the evening was spent outside enjoying the cooler weather.  The kids had fun chasing bubbles around the yard.

Keaton, I can't believe  you are 6 years old now!  Where did the time go? Why did you have to grow up? Why can't all my babies stay little? It is so much fun to watch you grow!
 Seems just like yesterday we were rushing to the hospital to have you.  You made it so easy. You were so big too.  You weighed 9 lbs. 9 oz. and you were almost 22 inches long.  You were the biggest baby born in that hospital that day.  You were so sweet, full of chubby rolls and just cutest face.  I fell in love with you the moment I saw you.  You have been such a great helper!  I love having you around.  I will be sad when school starts up because that means you will be gone all day long.  You are so incredibly smart for your age.  You constantly amaze us. We love you and can't wait for the next year ahead of you.  We love you so much sweet boy!
Happy 6th birthday Keaton R. Snyder

July 14, 2011

Justin turns 30

My brother turned 30 today.  Can't believe we are getting this old.  We saw Uncle Justin for alittle bit this evening at my parents house and caught a picture with him and all the nieces and nephews.  Happy Birthday Justin! We love you!

July 13, 2011

36 weeks! I can't believe how fast it
has come and gone.  This morning the
doctor said I was dialated to a 2
and that things are
porgressing really well. He thinks you
will be a pretty big girl.
Considering all of your brothers have been over
9 lbs. you are bound and determined to
be up there with them.
I have so many mixed feelings. I wish I could do something
to bring you into the world right now but
that would be interrupting your time.
Please hurry! But take your time. We don't want
to rush you.
We still have no name for you.  All the names I tell your
dad, he just looks at my funny and shakes his head
So we are still undecided. You are still baby girl Snyder.
I guess that is ok for now.
We can't wait to meet you! We love you so much!!!!

July 10, 2011

the nursery

This is what the nursery looks like as of today.  As you can see we have done absolutely nothing to it. I sure wish I could give you a picture of some amazingly decorated room fit for a queen but I don't. I don't have the funds or the time to do it.  You would think since I have been waiting for a girl for more than 6 years now we would have had this thing completed months ago, but I have no excuse. This pregnancy has passed so quickly that it is almost insane.  Since my babies always sleep in our room for the first couple of months until they start sleeping for longer stretches, I still have time to produce a fun room for her.  I am not worried.
This weekend my friends and family held a baby shower for me.  I am so sorry to say I don't have any pictures of the shower to prove it but I do have a closet full of fun things to show for it.  We got a lot of fun things and I can't wait to actually dress her up.  I am just too excited right now.  I keep telling her that it is ok to come anytime now.  Whenever she is ready, because we are more than ready.

 Yes, those are clothes piled up in her crib.  This week's job, to wash all the clothes, and pack a hospital bag.
The boys have been looking through her things saying things like, "Oh mom, she is going to look soooo cute in this dress," or " Mom, look how fun this is!"  It is so much fun watching my boys get excited about her coming too. She is so loved already it isn't even funny. She will be one spoiled well protected little girl.
Every once in awhile we sit down and talk about names with the boys.  Here are a few of the names they like..... brace yourself some of them are extreme.....

~ princess leah
~ zandra
~ lizzie
~ flower
~ alexi
~ z (?, that one is from Andrew)
~ silly girl

the list goes on and on.  A few of the names Lance and I like are ....

~ Ellie Mae ( my personal fav.)
~ Alexis ( Lexi for short)
~ Kennedy
~ McKenna
~ Jocelyn
~ Jessica

Which one do you like? Any girl name ideas?  We are asking for ideas. We cannot for the love come up or agree on the same name.  Boy names were easy for us no problem, but names for a girl? Wow, this is the challenge of our marriage.
Stay tuned. We will see what is going to happen this week! We love you all! Thanks for you calls, emails and visits! We love them all!!!!!!

July 6, 2011


Yes, I turned 32 today.  My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year and I told her " I want someone to watch my kids for the entire day so I can do whatever I want."  That was easy enough and it wouldn't cost a thing, so bless her sweet heart she took them for the day.  I was sad to see them go but WOW was it nice! (Yes, I feel bloated. But that is how you feel when you are 36 weeks along)
 I went shopping, out to lunch with Lance and then more shopping.  It was so nice to go at my own pace, not like I was fast, you should see me waddle now.  It really looks bad.  Everyone was looking at my with pity in their eyes.  My stomach is literally all out front and yes, it does hurt to carry her.  So all the walking caused some serious contractions and many stops along the way just so I could catch my breath.  But we made it and most of the items off my to do list have been accomplished.
To end the day we ate Chinese at my parents house and then finished with cheesecake. It was a great day. Thanks to everyone who called, sent emails and did other kind acts.  It was great appreciated. I felt so loved!

4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July as a family.  It was just us for the entire day.  We planned fun things for the boys. It was so nice to be with just them.  We had a lot of fun.  Our good friends the Peterson's invited us for dinner and then our families came to our home to watch the fireworks that we had been collecting. 
They had so much fun with all their little neighborhood friends who are in our ward also.  They had fun eating junk food, screaming, running around and watching fireworks. 

We hope you had a happy 4th too!

T-Ball time

This year we decided to sign our boys up to play city league t-ball.  We thought they would really enjoy being on the same team so we put them together this year.  Even though Keaton is more advanced than Andrew right now in the game they still enjoy playing.  When they had their first practice they set up the t-ball stand and Keaton was up to bat he said " I don't need the stand, you can just pitch it to me." I knew that he was probably ready for coach pitch but we decided that we couldn't really deal with two different practices and two different games to be to so we put them together this  year. Next year they will be on different teams for sure.

They practice during the hotest time of the day.  Every Monday afternoon at 4 p.m.. Lance has been really generous to take work off so he can take them because it is just too much for me to sit in the heat and watch them practice. Plus it is good quality father and son time.  Games are every Tuesday evening around 6 p.m. and that is also a very hot time of the day but they don't care, they are kids. We just make sure they are drenched in water so they stay cool enough to play.

Keaton is a great player, very serious and runs way too fast to get to get to all the bases. It is quite cute to watch him.  As for Andrew, well he is always staring off and thinking of something else, probably food is my guess.  He is getting better and better and enjoying it too.
Their team name is the Cheetahs. The coach let them pick what they wanted to be called.  They have become pretty good friends with all the little kiddos on the team.  This is just the beginning I believe to summer games.