May 31, 2014

the weather is nice

School is out. The weather is nice. Time to play outside. One of our favorite things to do when the days are warm and school is out. So we played. We just hung out. We did funny, stupid things. I love my children.

May 19, 2014

Let the training begin

I did it! I hired a personal trainer to get me back into shape. I am 2 weeks into it and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. I have never had anyone tell me "No, you can't eat that!" or "Just a little bit more!" It has been tough. But I can do hard things. At least I think I can. I am on a strict diet plan, with the exception of 2 "off" meals a week. This makes it very doable. Most of the food is new food that I have never really eaten or cooked. It is different but I am learning to like new things. Who would have thought that rice cakes could actually be good. I didn't. But now I do.
I am on my own as far as working out during the week. I go to the gym 4 days a week and then every Saturday I meet up with my trainer and she works me hard! I am lifting a lot. I am lifting more than I thought I could. I am really enjoying going to the gym. I am learning how to do it effectively.  I love it! I love how I am feeling. Big changes are coming and I can't wait for all of this to be worth it.
Some of the things I have had to get used to:
- plain yogart (tastes like Sour Cream, but you add Whey and it is not bad)
- quinoa. Never ate it before. Kinda interesting. Not gonna lie, not my favorite but I am eating it and finding new ways to cook it.
- rice cakes (2 a day)
-unsweetened Almond Milk ( kinda different, kinda good)
-drinking close to 90 oz of water daily. ( I use the restroom nonstop)
-I don't feel bloated anymore(I love this part!!!)
- I am more patient. Not only with myself but with my children.
-My shorts are feeling a little lose on my hips= success! I must be doing something right.
This is going to be my life for a few months. I am excited for the new challenge and feeling better again. Here's to being healthy!!!!!!!!