February 28, 2009

Chiara Snyder

Here she is! The newest member on the Snyder family side. Isn't she beautiful? She has had a few complications along the way but she is on the mend. She is currently on oxygen and a feeding tube. Her lungs never popped open when she was born so she has had a rough time breathing on her own but hopefully that will come off soon. She is on some morphine to help with the pain in her head due to some skull fractures that happened during labor. She was 7lbs. 8 oz.
I just had to post a picture of her because she was too cute. Eldon and Shelli we love you and pray for you continually. Chiara, we love you too and hope that you get to leave the hospital soon and get home to your mom and dad who haven't held you yet. We can't wait to see her!

February 26, 2009

32 weeks

Well I am just cruzing along and this pregnancy is coming to an end faster than I expected. But lately it has been getting pretty uncomfortable and then it the time starts to slow down because you realize just how miserable you feel. I am going in to see the doctor every week now. It is fun to see how much this little guy is progressing. We are planning for a big boy this time. That is what the doctor predicts. Since Keaton weighed 9lbs. 9 oz. and Andrew, being a week early weighing in at 8lbs. 7oz. we can possible expect another big boy. That is ok, because I love all the chubbiness that comes with them. People are asking me if I am having twins, but as far as I know, there is only one in there.
Nights are getting pretty icky. The acid reflux really does a great job and haunting me if I eat anything past 7 o'clock. Which makes it hard because lately I feel like eating a full course meal around 10 at night. Tums have become my good friend, but seems no matter how many I take, they just aren't doing their job. My back is out of whack and it gets pretty painful loading, carrying kids and cleaning the house. I can't wait until this little guy can come so he is not just a huge stomach.
The boys are getting pretty excited for him to come. We talk about him every night before they go to bed. They have had fun helping me fold his little clothes. We still don't have a name picked out but we are liking Gavin or Owen. Someone mentioned the name Hudson and I kind of liked that. We will see.
On another note, my sister-in-law Shelli had her baby yesterday. Come to find out today there were some complications and the baby now has pnemonia. Shelli first wanted to try with her midwife and then after about 3 hours of pushing the baby was not in the correct position to come and so they called in for a doctor to help out. She came close to having a c-section but they used forceps and she was able to come out. But she had some liquid in her lungs and so now she is in the NICU sick. And also from what I hear Shelli had to have a blood transfusion today too do to the loss of blood during labor. Shelli, you are such a brave woman. Poor little one. I have yet to see pictures but Eldon, my brother-in-law says she sure is cute. Shelli, Chiara and Eldon, you are in our prayers.
I guess I can consider myself lucky because my longest labor has been 5 hours and I have only had to push, the longest, 20 minutes and that about did me in. I have not had any problems and my babies have all been healthy and safe. I am so thankful for the medical help that is available. I believe in hospitals, epidurals, and all that good stuff that makes the amazing experience of giving birth more enjoyable.

February 17, 2009

Andrew, I missed you!

I really missed Andrew while he was sick. If there is one thing I really don't like or enjoy, it is watching my children be sick. It makes me sad, it hurts, and it is no fun for the rest of us who have to sit back and wait for it to pass.
This one hit him pretty hard. I hadn't seen him that sick since he was a baby in the hospital with RSV. It really took a toll on him. He was white as ghost, without energy, and very cranky.
I have to admit, I really missed him while he was away. Now he is starting to bounce back and he is coming around. He is not eating so much still but that will soon come back. I just know it. Who hasn't seen Andrew without food? He can always be seen looking in the pantry for something more to eat or just walking around saying "hungry" all the time.
Let's just keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't get to the rest of us. Although if we are going to all get sick, let's get it over with now before the baby come.
Andrew, I love you! Welcome back son! I missed you! So did your brother Keaton.

February 13, 2009

Good ole college days

I was tagged by my friend Jen. I am suppose to post the 4th picture in the 4th folder of my picture file. So here we go. I was looking through my pictures, I haven't done that for awhile. This picture was taken back in 1999.

I was attending Ricks College and in the begining process of dating Johnnie Hadfield (the guy who is sitting on my lap). I am with my roommates and some of my other friends from the ward I was in. Michelle Ray, you may notice some familiar faces, your old roommates. Where were you that night?
Anyways, those were the good ole days weren't they? I had a great time and had some great friends, with whom I still keep in contact with.
I tag Nicole, Brittany, Rachel, Heather and Suzanne.


Sorry I have not been in the loop these last couple of days. Andrew has been pretty sick with the flu bug that has been going around. I am just glad that non of us have caught it yet. Wednseday night he started to projectile vomit everywhere and every hour after that for the whole entire night. We put Andrew in the middle of our bed to make sure we could catch all the vomit when it came. Unfortunatley it came out both ends every time. So after a sleepless night, 6 towels, 4 sets of pajamas and 6 bathroom trips we got through it. We are all still so tired. I hope this junk clears up soon. It has been no fun. The Lyesol can has become my best friend, oh and hand sanitzer. Keaton asked me why we had to use it so much. I explained it to him and now it is just something fun that he can do.
I am not sure how much longer this will take but wish us luck. I hope this is the tail end of it. I am one worn out mom.
Happy Valentine's day to everyone also!

February 8, 2009


Andrew did it! He finally did well this week in nursery. He really has not done well for some reason. He usually causes havoc on everyone in there for the two hour block that we have him in there and to no avail.
But this week something happened. He didn't scream for two hours. He was only fussy for the first couple of minutes and then Bro. Barker, took him for a walk and then he settled right down. Cool nursery teachers rock! Ones that really try to help your children and suceed as to those who just put up with screamers. I think he has sensed that and this time it has meant something to him. I hope this is the start. We will have to keep our fingers crossed and see how the next few weeks go.
Andrew has also started to suffer from middle child snydrome. I think he senses something big is about to happen to our family and so he is trying to get extra "me time" before this baby comes. It has been kind of hard. Most times I just want to find a pair of ear plugs and block it all out but lately I have been praying for the patience to deal with it and the Lord has really blessed me with that. I am trying to give him all the attention I can and love him all that I can. He is a real sweetheart. I love that one of my children still likes to cuddle with me and let me squeeze them tight. I love being a mom!!!

February 5, 2009

What should we name you?

The boys and I have been trying to come up with some names for baby snyder the 4th and so far this is what we have come up with. Let us know what your favorite is or if there are other names out there please send them our way. Lance and I have always fought over names. I like certain names and he says an absolute no to.

1. Gavin Ray
2. Owen Warren
3. Kaleb
4. Quinton

So far, Keaton likes the name "Keaton's baby brother" for a name. So for now, that is what we call him. They boys are getting so excited about the baby. I think they are going to be great, but lately I have been worrying about Andrew. I think he will suffer from middle child syndrome. He had been really really clingy lately. I think he knows something big is going to happen soon. I am about 30 weeks along and we are just sailing through this pregnancy. This one has been by far the easiest pregnancy for me. I think having other children to monitor helps out quite abit. I haven't had 2 minutes to sit down and plan for this baby. It has gone by seriously so fast. I am so excited for this one and so nervous at the same time. I have heard so much about having 3 children. We will be outnumbered this time so wish us luck.

February 4, 2009

25 Randoms

My cousin Brittany put a tag on my facebook account but I am always alittle iffy with that because anyone can access that information so I thought I would give it a try on this since it is a private blog. It is 25 random things about me so here we go.....
1- I love to decorate. I love to decorate my home, other people's homes and anything else. I just love to give any room a new lift. I wish I could own my own buisness doing that.
2- I love my children. My boys give me great joy. They are a handful but they are worth every second of frustration
3- I love belly laughs. My Andrew is the best at that. I just love it because it sounds so real.
4- I hate seafood. Maybe that is one of the many reasons why I married Lance. We both hate the stuff. The smell, the taste, the look. I can't stand any part of it. I know it is good for you, but never in a million years.
5- I wish I could go back to Chile and visit. I served my mission in Santiago, Chile. I loved it all. I loved the people and the culture. I really miss it sometimes.
6- I love to travel and see new places. I wish we could do it more often but traveling with little kids isn't much fun so we will have to save it for retirement.
7- I love to camp. My family has gone camping every summer since I can remember. We have always gone up to Stanely Lake. It is heaven on earth.
8- I love the changing of the seasons. Autumn is my favorite but I love all of them.
9- I hate bugs. Spiders, ants, you name it. I don't like them.
10- I don't know how to sew. I wish I knew. My grandmother-n-law, I guess is what you would call her gave us a sewing machine for our wedding gift and I have yet to use it. I guess I should pull it out one of these days and figure out how to use it.
11- I don't really enjoy cooking. I never have. Maybe if I had fun recipes I would. Anyone have some good ones they want to share with me?
12- I love to shop. I would shop all day every day if I could, but the budget doesn't allow it.
13- Red is my favorite color.
14- I am obsessed with detail. I love to know everything about everything. I think it drives my husband bonkers when I ask him a million questions about something.
15- Young Women's was my most favorite calling in the church.
16- I dread Sundays. My boys don't do well at church. Especially our youngest. He hates nursery. In fact everyone in our new ward is getting to know us pretty well. Andrew starts to scream when we sing the closing song in sacrament that nursery comes next.
17- I love to listen to piano music. I wish I could play. One day my children will have lessons and fill my home with the sweet sounds.
18- I have 7 sisters-in-law. They are all so great. I love being around them. They make me want to be a better mom and person. They are all so talented. I wish I could be more like them.
19- I love to go for walks. The winter has been kind of rough for us because we have been locked inside due to the freezing weather. But today we got outside and went for a walk as a family. It was really nice. I can't wait for more.
20- The Office has become my new favorite t.v. show. I love it. It makes me laugh so hard.
21- I love my family. We are an odd bunch but they are good people.
22- I love my in-laws. They are great too. I never tire of them.
23- I have a fear of my children being kidnapped. I get so freaked out by the thought. I just try not to think about it.
24- I am not creative whatsoever. I wish I were more talented. I have a closet full of scrapebooking stuff. I just don't know what to do with it.
25- I love life. I try to be postive. I love to laugh and have fun.

February 2, 2009

Putting on the armor of God

This evening for FHE we invited our good friends and cousins over for a lesson and some games. Our lesson this evening was about putting on the armor of God. We taught them a short lesson about Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty and what it stood for and what each item of the armor represented. Then we got some tin foil and each family had to make armor for their children. We had so much fun dressing them up in their armor. It was fun to watch all the parents get creative as to how they were going to make the armor. We had a great time. I think the kids really had fun too. Here are some pictures from our fun evening. Thanks everyone for coming. It was so nice to have you with us.