March 30, 2011

doTERRA oils

I have really enjoyed learning how to combat illness through natural healing.  I know it sounds weird to some of you but I am telling you it really does work.  I am so tired of taking my kids in visit after visit just to be told to ride it out.  That is pretty much what it comes down to every time my kids get sick.  So I have taken a different approach to helping my children be healthier overall.  I have been using doTERRA oils and I LOVE them! They work on my family and they work for those who are trying them out.  The reason I am bringing this up is because I am holding my very first class on how to empower, teach and inspire mother's to take control of their families health. This is gonna be good and you won't want to miss it.
It is on April 5th, which is a Tuesday night at 6:15 pm to 7:30 at my house.  For those of you who are interested and don't know where I live feel free to comment and I will get back to you.  We are going to cover how to combat Flu/Cold/Allergy Prevention using some very simple steps.  So please come and learn how. It is very inspiring and it has blessed my family so much.
See you all there!!!!

March 25, 2011

Just so you know, I never do this

Like I said, I am usually completely against this but someone requested it and it is better than putting it on facebook.  I am  21 weeks along and my good friend wanted to see how big I really am.  I feel huge but you can see for yourself.  And yes, it is a girl.

When will spring be here?

This was the last day of school before our spring break begins.  Keaton wasn't quite sure what that meant but he could tell by the excitement of all the other kids faces that it was good. I was explaining to him that it meant no school next week.  He was a little bumned by that because he loves school.  But I have a few ideas planned up my sleeves that I think both the boys will enjoy.
So today they were asked to bring umbrellas to school so they could go on a Hunt for Spring.  From what I hear he had a lot of fun. Even though the sun was out today they still used the umbrellas to block the sun from their faces.  The sun rarely shows itself for too long these days so it was pretty funny that they brought em on the day that the sun was out.  Funny thing was that it started to rain after we picked Keaton up from school.  Go figure.
But they sure enjoyed playing with the umbrella.  Before we headed inside the house because it had started to rain, Keaton asked me " Mom, when will spring be here?"  I told him that it was already here.  He asked " How do you know that?"  I told him to look up in the sky and see the clouds starting to form and feel the rain on his face.  Those are signs of spring.  April (or in our case, March) showers bring May flowers.  We are seeing flowers pop up everywhere too. They are so pretty.

March 20, 2011

We are back

Lance and I took a quick over night trip to Provo to see family. It was a fast trip but a much needed trip for the both of us.  We left our children in the good care of Lance's brother Eldon and his wife.  I haven't talked with them yet about how the weekend went.  We came home and my mom and put our kids to bed and was waiting for us to come home.  From the many phone calls and texts I recieved, I think my kiddos had a hard time.  I really appreicate all of those who chipped into help them out.  I am truly grateful for your sacrifices.  It is not an easy job so thanks to all!!!!!
We left around 7:30 friday morning and pulled into Salt Lake around noon.  Lance's brother Paul was in a National Raquetball tournament and so we met up with the boys in Salt Lake so we could watch him play his first match.  I didn't really know what Racquetball was until I married into a family of racquetball lovers.  They truly enjoy watching that all day long and that is just what they did.  So I let the boys have their fun and drove back to Provo to meet up with all the girls.  Lance's mothers' side of the family gets together every year this time of year for a "women's conference."  Now that only happens in this family because they are sooooo extremely large.  I mean large as in numbers.  They pick themes and all the women are invited to attend.  It is held in the same chapel and they speakers are assigned ahead of time to prepare their thoughts and feelings on certain subjects.  The subjects vary from how to read the scriptures more meaningful to how to control children who tend to get out of control.  All my sisters-in-law were there minus Jaclyn and Shelli, by the way we missed you guys.  It was so much fun to see everyone.  I have one sister-in-law Shauna who I have not seen for 3 years.  She is expecting their 7th child, 2nd little girl in May.  It was so much fun to see all of them.
We enjoyed a lot of shopping, baby showers, and late night talks eating mom's yummy cookies and Taco Bell.  My sister-in-law Rashelle told me about a boutique that comes to American Falls only once a year called the Holy Cow Boutique.  Yes it was Holy Cow! My sister-in-law Carrie and I got to spend the whole day together and so we went there.  We found a ton of fun stuff. Since we are having a girl, I found some really cute, fun things for her and also some other fun things for my house.  We told the boys that we would bring them a souveniur from our trip so we found these super hero capes for them to wear.
They we went to Fizolies for lunch and since neither of us had ever been to IKEA we decided to give it a try.  It was a fun store.  Very affordable, so we filled our shopping carts.  Most of their decor is not my type but they had some great things.  We had a fun time being together.  Thanks Carrie for such a fun day! I loved being with you and Brantly.
We headed back for Boise later that afternoon and we brought Lance's brother John back with us.  We listened to the BYU basketball game on the radio on the way home.  It was fun to listen to the boys get excited over the game. It made the trip home so much faster.
Thanks Lance for talking me into a night away.  It was a much needed mini- vacation and we had a great time catching up with the family.  Next time let's stay a lot longer.
We woke up this morning and our boys were so excited to see us.  I think we lucked out this trip with superhero capes and a train set.  We missed you boys too!

March 15, 2011

It's a Girl!!!!!

It's a Girl!!! And we couldn't be more excited. 
Whe the Ultrasound Tech. told us we didn't believe it at first.  I still can't believe it. It seems like it is not real.  But it is and we are getting ready for her to come. Now its time to paint a nursery and shop like crazy.  We are really happy. She is healthy and strong and that is all that matters.  We love her so much already.

March 9, 2011


My good friend recently taught a class on Reflexology.  It is a foot zone therapy class that I was so fortunate to attend.  It was over the course of 8 weeks and I loved it.  I learned so much and I have loved practicing it on my children.  Keaton lets me do it quite abit, but Andrew has a bad taste in his mouth with all the oils and foot therapy things I have been doing. I hope that he will come around. I think he is my one child who could benefit from it the most.
The body is an amazing organism.  Everything you need to know about your body can be dealt with through your feet.  There are certain points and pressure spots located throughout your feet that can trigger a particular organ or an entire system in general. It can tell the person what is going on in the body. With each set of pressure points and areas that we work on the foot, there are ticks that can be felt along the way.  When these ticks are felt that means that there is something going on with that certain area of the body.  For example, when children's immune systems are down and colds/flus are coming on, we can rub a certain area of the foot that will help the body recover 10x's faster and will help trigger the body's response to fight it faster.  Ear aches are a really good example too.  There is so much I could write about but I would just be overwhelming.  You can sense problems with dental work, sinuses, heart problems, siatic nerve and all other things.
 I was blown away by some of the things we did.  Our very last section we learned was about pregnancy.  Believe it or not there is a certain pressure point just under your right ankle where you can feel your babies heart beat.  So we put it to the test.  I was not the only pregnant lady in the class.  There were 5 in total and two of us were pregnant.  So after Amber taught us how to find it and where to press in, we could feel our babies heart beat.  It was amazing. I almost cried.  Carol, an older woman in the class, no mind you, we were all members minus this other pregnant gal, and they were so happy to have felt that along with us.
So tonight my good friend asked me if she could come over tomorrow for a foot zone therapy.  I told her to come on over so we could help put her in labor.  Wish us luck. She is to be induced on Friday and this will help her move right along even faster. I told her to be prepared that she might have this baby a day earlier and she said she was ready.
I feel like I have been given all these opportunities to learn and grow.  I am learning how not only to benefit myself but my family as well.  Now some of you may laugh at all of this and call it something made up, well I don't. I am a firm believer in the body's natural way of trying to heal itself.  Yes, I believe firmly in modern medicine but if I can avoid it at all costs, them I am game.  There is something about shoving pill after medication down a body that starts to annoy me.  The body can respond to a lot of other things as well trying to heal itself.  Most of the illnesses that come upon us are caused due to emotional response.  Most of the things that attack our body is because our body is being invaded by something that we bring onto ourselves, if that makes sense.  Some cases not so much but a lot of it is due to our emotional, physical, social and spiritual stability.

March 6, 2011

Things to come

Lately we have been facing a lot of decisions.  About going back to school, having another baby on the way, raising our children and coming to the same conclusion on the rules we make in our home and etc.  I think I posted a while back about how Lance and I were trying to find out nitch in life.  Something that we are passionate about.  Don't get me wrong, I am passionate about my family and my sweet little children but I have been looking for something that I personally love to do.  Over the weekend our good friends came to us with an idea to start up a buisness, I guess you could call it.  Our friend Matt is a Chiropracter and he is a big believer of Essential Oils also.  In fact they are the ones that got me into DoTerra (an oil company) that has worked really well for us.  I use oils almost every single day on my children and myself, well what little I can use while I am pregnant.  I think they are very beneficial and I love them!  Our friend Matt asked if I would like to teach a class once a week in the conference room next to his office.  I was thrilled with the idea about teaching what I know. There is so much information that could really benefit families.  I am so excited to share it with others.  Once people come to the class then they can start buying the oils through me or sign up.  Lance and I both jumped on the idea.  We are not sure when the first class will be but it is coming soon and I am really, really excited about it.  I will post my schedule for those of you interested in attending or I can just post my notes also for those who don't want to attend. Especially those who are out of state.  I am looking forward to teaching classes about something that is so important to me.  I recently finished a class on Reflexology.  I LOVED it! I learned so much.  In fact, tomorrow morning I go in for my certification.  I have used it already on my children and on Lance.  The human body is absolutely amazing.  I am in constant awe of it and how detailed it is.  Heavenly Father is really smart! :)
We have been issued callings in our ward.  Our bishopric came by and called us. Lance was called as a Gospel Doctrine teacher and I was called to serve as a ward missionary.  It is low key enough for me right now so it will work out perfectly. 
Today was rough for the kids.  I don't know why but Sacrament, man, we struggled the entire time.  It is really hard to get anything out of the meetings when your children are wild.  We were alittle off today and it made our whole day weird. 
We find out the gender next week.  In fact a week from tomorrow but no one is counting.  I am constantly praying for a girl but I think I know it is another boy.  I am ok with it either way, seriously.  Our boys always pray for a girl to come so they can love her.  We have had to explain that even if Heavenly Father doesn't send us a girl and its a boy we will love him very much.  Boys are all I know how to raise so I am ok with that.  But secretively in my heart I am holding out for a girl.  We will let you know when we know.  Its an exciting time.
Stay tuned.  There is so much to write about. As for now, it is really late and I have a dinning room full of people screaming and my kids are asleep. I hope they will stay that way.  Good night I am really exhausted.