June 9, 2014

FHE on Lake Lowell

This afternoon we got a call from Bishop Wheelock wanting to know if we wanted to join them this evening for a night out on the lake. We are always up for that. So we got everyone and everything ready so we could be to their home by 4. The kids were so excited. Lance took them to the store to buy them their own life jackets since there wasn't that many that would be readily available especially for kids as young as mine.
We went out to Lake Lowell. I was born and raised here in the Star/Eagle area and I had never ever been out to that side before. It was only about a 30 minute drive and the kids were done by about the time we arrived so it was perfect.
We packed up our dinner and all piled into the boat. We rode out and ate our dinner on the lake. It was perfect. The weather was perfect. Fun company. And all my kids were in heaven. After about 20 minute though Owen had had enough. He is not our water child. He could live without it. Baths are about as adventurous as he gets. We thought there would be a little sandy beach area for the kids to build sand castles and just play but there were only rocks. So it was everyone into the boat and we all really had a great time.
Hayden was a true sport. He wasn't quite sure what was going on. He didn't like his life jacket. He could barley move in it. He was just relaxed and he actually feel asleep for a while. He did great!

Ellie loved the water and we would dip her in several times. Owen was content to eat treats and sit in the front of the boat by either Lance or I. Keaton and Andrew were dare devils. Jumping out into the lake and giving Big Mabel a shot. Big Mabel is a huge inflatable inner tube that you sit in and hang onto. They loved it! That is all they wanted to do. Bishop was nice not to go too fast so they wouldn't crash. Although I think Andrew would have loved it.
The boys tried the knee board. Andrew tried a few times but had a hard time getting up. By the time he was done he was so cold, his lips were turning blue. So we brought him in the boat and warmed him up. Keaton was next. This kid of mine, I tell you what, no matter what he tries to do he succeeds. He is really just a talented kid to anything he puts his mind to. After his second try he was up and loving every minute of it. Once inside all the older boys were high fiving him and he felt pretty cool.
Keaton commented that every family night during the summertime should be like this. I agree son!
8 p.m. rolled around and it was getting cold and everyone had had enough so it was time to pack up and head for home. They should all sleep really, really well tonight.