August 25, 2013

sneak peak

My Ellie......

You are so cute to me!

I love the faces you come in each night with. Covered in dirt. Proof of a fun day.

You love to get dirty! Playing in the dirt in Grandma's garden is your idea of fun.

Eating is what you love to do to pass the time. You are always hungry. Your mouth is always full of something.

You LOVE go-cart rides with your brother Keaton. He is so good to you!
Ready for school, jus like the rest of them!

Finding gray hairs

Yep, that is what I found this morning while brushing my hair. When did this happen?
But do you see me frowning? Nope. I guess it is just life and apparently it is coming early for me. Maybe it is because I have 5 crazy little people running around my home. Seldom is there time for me to take time and get ready. Most days you will find me in sweats and a T-shirt. Why? Well, there is so much to do and kids running in and out of my house and I never know who it is or where they are going. I have a 4 year old who believes that he is old enough to just go and do what he wants, without letting me know. His little partner in crime lives just right down the street. They are so fun to watch but I have to be careful because they just come and go together. So Tonia, Joey's mom, and I have a communication thing going on so we know where they are. It has been helpful.
Owen will literally wake up at 8 in the morning and then get dressed and kindly let me know that he is going to Joey's house. Our rule: no bugging friends until 9:30. Some people actually like to sleep in. So he will get dressed and just ask me every five minutes if it is 9:30. We are getting better but my goodness, this is getting to me. I should just buy him a watch and teach him to tell time so he can do it on his own.
School has started for Keaton and Andrew. They are both full time now. It has been quiet around here. I never really realized how much they helped me out until this summer when Grandma Snyder took them to Utah for a week. Well, I am missing their help. I know they are in a good place and that makes me happy. They have darling teachers. I feel really confident that they are in good hands. We have a great Charter school that they attend. I couldn't be happier. It sure beats public school.
This year is going to be a great year for them. They get on the bus at 8:30 in the morning and we don't see them until 4:30 when the bus drops them off. Riding the bus this year is new to them. I have always had issues with buses. Weird kids ride the bus and I didn't want my kids around that.
Well, they are loving it and half our ward rides the same bus and they are happy and content with it.
At least they have each other to sit by. I think that is why they like it. I am okay with that too.
I already live in my car. Once the kids get home, we eat dinner and then it is out the door for football practice or some other event. Scouts, Let's play music or something else. Life just got even crazier.
Owen will start preschool next week and we will have a lot of family coming this coming weekend for Hayden's baby blessing.
Then we will move into our new home. It should be ready the first week in September. We are all so excited! I will post some pictures later when I find time to get over there and check it out.
Yesterday they were installing the cabinets and prepping the floors for tile.
We are going to be a little secluded. There will be no neighbors for awhile. I am okay with that. It will be nice for a change. We have a lot of farmland around us and a ton of space for the kids to ride the go-carts, the rhino and just be as loud as we want. I know they are really going to miss their friends that are here in the cul-de-sac but we will make due. With school starting there will not be much time for playing. We will just have to set up play dates.
So now, I am going to go and enjoy my quiet time for another hour until the rest of the gang comes home from church. Happy Sunday to everyone!

August 23, 2013

Hayden 2 week stats:
weight :10 lbs. 4.2 oz. (95%)
height: 22 1/2 inches (90%)
Yep, he is getting pretty big! He is so sweet too. Now he is almost
3 weeks old and I just know that he has gotten fatter.
You can see it in his face and on his thighs.
I wish he would stop growing so I can enjoy him
a bit longer. They grow up too fast
don't they?
Where has the time gone? Pretty soon he is going
to be crawling around.
So I am documenting a few things
I have learned about my son in the 3 weeks we have
known him ......
. he loves to eat. Every 3 hours on the dot. He is clockwork.
. he only gets grumpy when his is really tired
and doesn't want to be held any longer,
or when he is really, really hungry.
.he has to be swaddled. With one arm out.
. he is starting to use a pacifier. I am not sure about that.
. he has to sleep in the swing. He hates laying down flat.
. when he is awake is a very alert
. he has a really strong neck.
. he is just so happy.
. he is mine. all mine.

Now I would be lying if I said that raising 5 kids has been easy.
Quite the opposite. It has been the struggle of my life
trying to figure out where I need to be
who I need to be helping and
where I should be spending most
of my time.
Ellie seems to be fine with Hayden. When he wakes up she
runs, yelling " poop" down the hallway to my room
to let me know he is awake. She will come and sit
next to me on the bed while I feed him
and she is holding her baby,
feeding her. Now mind you, monkey see,
monkey do. She will try to nurse her baby
as well. It is the funniest thing.
Then she will grab the diapers and wipes and start
wiping her baby. She has got this mothering thing
down pat already. She is going to be
an amazing mom one day.
All the other boys are just in love with him.
They all love holding him.
Andrew asked me the other day if we should
put Hayden on the floor to see if
he could start to crawl.
I told him, "Let's not get ahead of
ourselves here." He was okay with
that response.
So we just hold him lots and love him even more.
He has been the perfect addition to our home and family.

August 11, 2013

Hayden Quinn Snyder
August 4, 2013
9 lbs. 3 oz.
2:25 p.m.
 The whole labor was very peaceful and easy. Perhaps the easiest yet. I was induced the day after Keaton's baptism. Everyone had just gone home and it was time for baby to come. Since he wasn't going to come on his own the doctor decided it was time to come. We were suppose to be induced Sunday morning at 6 a.m. and before we even woke up that morning we got a call from the hospital telling us there was no room in the inn and that we were suppose to sit tight and call back around 10 a.m. to see if there would be an opening for us to come in. So we both looked at each other and rolled over and went back to bed. Well about 7 a.m. and we got a call from the hospital telling us to head down to the hospital and that our doctor must really like us to get us in that fast.
So since it was Sunday, Lance's parents were still in town visiting so we got the kids dressed for church, ate breakfast, got ready ourselves and then had family scripture study. We were out the door by 8:30 for the hospital ready to have a baby.
The kids were thrilled that they would probably have a baby after they got home from church.
We got in our room and hooked up to IV and by 10:30 they started my Pitocin. I still didn't feel contractions. Only tightness that wasn't painful. The contractions weren't that close together so they uped my Pitocin around 11 and I was only dilated to about a 5. So around noon my doctor came in to break my water. No I have to tell you that usually once my water breaks my babies come pretty fast so they were well prepared for that.
But I am getting ahead of myself. I decided to go ahead with an epidural in high hopes that it would work this time. In previous pregnancies this hasn't been the case and it felt like I was giving birth naturally.
Epidural was in around 11. I was still in no pain but they told me that it would be a good idea to get it before the doctor broke my water. So we did that. Easy, piece of cake. This time the epidural really worked its magic. I was completely numb from the armpits down. Can I just tell you that I have not felt that comfortable in a very long time. The feeling of your whole lower limbs going completely numb and tingling felt great to me. So I decided to sleep for awhile. I shouldn't say sleep but relax. Not much was going on so we just hung out for awhile and let the Pitocin do its job.
Around noon the doctor broke my water and my contractions really started to pick up and they were big and close together. I was dilating pretty fast. I felt some kind of pressure but it wasn't painful. So I mentioned it to the nurse and they decided to check to see how I was progressing. Yep, I had progressed alright to a 10. I was ready and so was this baby.
Doctor came in getting all suited up and ready. There were only about 4 of us in the room and it was really quite and peaceful. I thought it was to simple. I started to push around 2:10 and with no real strain Hayden was born at 2:25 p.m. He was beautiful! He was crying and he looked really big.
They laid him on my chest and it was heaven! I love that moment when new life enters in and they hand them to you and they are all yours and only yours.
He nursed right away and has been eating really well ever since.
He weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. and was 22 1/2 inches long. He was a very healthy, happy big boy.
We were thrilled. We were so excited. It was too easy! It was so peaceful.
Soon after the kids called wondering if they had a baby brother. They were so excited to hear that he was here. They headed up to the hospital right away. They were so excited to hold him. They each got their turn. It was so sweet to watch them.
Owen's comment was the best when they were gathered around the nurse who was checking his vitals, he quietly asked Lance " Where is that baby's mom?" It was so funny. I don't think it registered with him that he was ours and that he was in my tummy. Now, he is infatuated with him and loves to be with him every waking minute.
 I love this picture! I think it is going to be one of my all time favorites.
The little Boise Bronco hat that Grandpa Q. and Uncle Justin brought to him.
Our last quite morning together in the hospital. I usually stay until they kick me out of the hospital. They don't understand what I have to go home to. I loved the being waited on and just being with Hayden. It is really the only time we get to be together just the two of us. I loved the peaceful mornings we had together.

Our little family. I guess I can't say little anymore. We are now a family of 7. Can you believe that?

My family that came to see us. My mom had left that morning to go on the annual family camp trip up to Stanley Lake. She was going to have to wait a whole week to meet Hayden.

 Now, it's been a whole week since Hayden was born. Is life completely crazy and insane with 5 children? I am afraid the answer is yes. But we are happy and adjusting and trying to figure out a new schedule. The kids are ready to go back to school in 2 weeks so that should help out quite a bit. Now we are going to have to start packing up our home. Just a few short weeks and we will be moving into our new home.
Hayden has been eating and sleeping so well. He really is a great baby. Couldn't ask for a better baby. He sleeps well at night. Giving me about 3-4 hours stretches of sleep at night and that has made all the difference. We are in love with him and I keep finding myself taking a million pictures and video of him and the kids. Life can't get better than this.

Keaton's baptism

I  can't believe I have a 8 year old. You know what happens when you turn 8? Keaton knew that answer long ago. It was now his turn and he was so excited. He had been telling everyone about it for months. He wanted to invite his school teacher, who by the way, did come and support him. She is fabulous. His baseball coach and all his friends and family. He had so many people come and support him. He felt so loved.
The week prior Grandma Snyder came to town for a visit. She wanted to take Keaton and Andrew back to Utah with her for a week to play with cousins. They hoped right on that idea and off they went. I was still pregnant and didn't know if a baby would come while they were gone. I was secretively hoping that he would wait until they got back so they wouldn't miss it. Well a week came and went and they had such a great time. I was so happy for them. They grew close to many cousins and made a lot of fun memories that they still talk about. Grandma Snyder was amazing! She entertained those kids like no one else could and I think they wore her out pretty well. I will be forever grateful that she did that, not only for me but for them. They miss her already!
Lance's sister Shauna and her family drove up from Bountiful for the baptism. They had never been to Idaho before so it was a real treat for them and for us to show them a good time. Since we still didn't have a baby and didn't know when he would come because I was due any day, they were kind to find another relative to stay with and I think it would out pretty well.
We played hard, ate good and had a great weekend together. Looking back now I am so thankful that our baby decided to come after all the excitement. I wanted Keaton to have his baptism weekend special only to him and no other. It worked out great.
His baptism was very special for him. He was very quite and receptive to what was going on. He was so handsome too. We gave him his own set of scriptures with his name on it and his only request was that they had indexes on them. Easy to please!
We love you Keaton! Thanks for making an important decision as this. You will forever be blessed because of the choice you made to keep God's commandments. You are so special!