October 31, 2009

Halloween Part Two- Trunk or Treating

This year we did it again! It is by far the greatest idea the wards in our area have come up with. We LOVE it! The boys LOVE it! This year we started at 4:45 p.m. and we were done by 6 p.m.. The parking lot was completely full of cars and kids. The boys had so much fun running from trunk to trunk saying "Trunk or Treat." Andrew really got into it this year. They were both so excited all day long anticipating all the candy that would fill their buckets. Well they got it alright and Lance and I couldn't be more excited. Because that means that we get to eat some while they are sleeping. But this year we have to be careful because they have already kept inventory of everything that is in their buckets. This is crazy!

We met up with my sister Rachel and her cute little family. Ava this year was a lion. She borrowed Keaton's costume that he wore two years ago and I must say she was quite cute in it.

It was nice to see some familiar faces since the ward last split. It has been a fun event that we wouldn't miss for anything each year.

Thanks everyone for making it a fun year for my family. We LOVE Halloween! Until next year!

Every one has been the bat

Every year since Keaton was born we have had a little baby bat. We bought this costume when Keaton was born and every year since then it has been put to good use. Here are each one of my boys as a baby bat.
First was Keaton

Andrew came second

And this year, Owen had a turn

I have loved each and every one of these bats. They are so unique and so sweet. Thanks boys, I sure love you!

My family of bats

This year everyone wanted to be a bat. Both Keaton and Andrew fought over who got what costume (remind me to never let my children be the same thing for Halloween. It only causes fights). Lance remembered he had a batman costume from 3 years ago when we went to a Halloween party at a friends house and it just so happened to be the exact same costume as Keaton's. He felt pretty cool that he dad had the same one. So here is my cute family of bats.

I thought they were cute bats.

Halloween Part One

The boys have been begging us to carve their pumpkins all week long. This year we have been trying to put it off so our pumpkins wouldn't be ruined before halloween. Last night we had my family over for Chinese food and to help the boys carve their pumpkins.

After a fun night of being together and carving pumpkins, here they are all carved and glowing. The boys loved them. Thanks to my family who came over and thanks for the fun evening we had.

I LOVE Halloween!

October 28, 2009

October 26, 2009

Harvest Party

Every year we have gone to the Palmer's Fall Harvest party at their barn. It has been the most awaited event of the fall. Everyone from the Stake shows up, great food, entertainment, games and just so much fun all around. Well this year we got ready to go to. Owen and Lance have still been under the weather so we left them home and drove down with my parents.
The weather was kind of icky this year and so I was alittle hesitant as to how long it was going to last. Well it lasted for about a half hour. We ran around, visited with friends and ate and then the storm approached pretty fast.
Every year the party begins when the parachuters fly in to start the party. Last year Spider man and Batman flew in and Keaton and Andrew were so excited. Well this year Spider Man and Super Man were suppose to parachute in but due to icky weather they canceled them. My boys were so bumned. That is what they anticipate the most. Well instead of the superheros they settled for an airplane flying overhead to drop off the candy.

I am not sure if you can see the airplane but it flew overhead about 3 times dropping off candy. The first time he dropped too soon and all the candy went for the ditch bank, the second time, it dropped onto the house and the gutters caught most of it and then the third time no one was really expecting it but he dropped it all over the top of us and we got pelted. But it was ok, my kids got tons of candy. They soon forgot that it hurt when it hit their heads.

The weather got pretty icky, pretty fast so everyone started to head home. It was a bummer because this was the funnest party ever. Oh well, maybe next year will work out better. This is the first year that it ended up with bad weather.
We had fun! It was short lived but we had a good time.

Owen 6 months

This morning I took Owen in for his 6 month check up. Plus he had been feeling really icky for the past week, and I had some suppisions of Swine Flu with him but this morning he checked out great. I am happy to report that his fever has been gone since yesterday and I think there is a ray of hope that the Owen I know and absolutley love is coming back.

Here are his statics from this morning:
Weight : 17 lbs. 6.5 oz. {50%}
Height : 27" {75%}
Head : 45 cm {85%}

He has started solid foods and just loves them. He loves eating with the other boys at the dinner table. It makes him feel important.
He was even happy for the doctor until she started using her cold stethascope that was pretty cold and then it didn't go so well from there on out. But we he is growing and we love him so much.
The doctor told me that she saw some red areas in his left ear and if a fever comes back then we will start him on some antibiotics and if the fever is still present 3-4days afterwards then we are going to have to do some blood work. There may be an underlining bacterial infection but so far we are good. We will keep our fingers crossed that he is on the mend.

BYU Homecoming

We are back! We made it and we are glad to be home. We had a great time with family but oh man, there is no place like home.
We left on Thursday. Owen had been running a low grade fever and Lance didn't want me staying behind so we packed up and left Thursday evening. The kids traveled well too. I have become a fan of night time traveling. The kids sleep and it can be a pleasant car ride.
My in-laws started the tradition of gathering every year for BYU's Homecoming weekend. There is so much packed into one weekend, there is really no free time except at night.
Friday night we had a pizza party with all the cousins. Lance's cousin Joyce lives up against the canyon in Mapleton and it is absolutely beautiful. I wish I got more pictures.
Then Saturday morning we had breakfast and devotional over there again. I have never met a family quite as large and a family that have devotionals like this family does. Every year we cram into the basement of this home with oh let's just say about 40 people and each year someone is assigned to talk or give advise on something that is important for the family to hear. This year it was about the family.
Afterwards we headed up the Canyon for lunch and games. Then after the canyon Grandma and Grandpa Ray buys tickets in advance for all the families wanting to attend the game.I really wanted Lance to take the boys because I thought they would really love it, but the weather was nasty so we stayed at home and watched it with Shelli and Chiara. Too bad that BYU really stunk it up. I hear they had great fun with all the family even though it was a horrible game. You just never know which BYU team is going to show up to play.
I feel really bad that i didn't take many pictures this weekend. I was in battle with a very sick baby. But it was cold and it rained on us. Here are some pictures of the canyon and our day at the park.

My brother and sister in law with their sweet children

The house in the canyon

We had a fun time. Thanks Snyders for letting us come and be with you. Next year I think we will try to come without children. Seems like that is the thing to do.

October 22, 2009


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October 19, 2009

I love fall

I LOVE this time of year! I LOVE the colors! I LOVE the holiday season that is creeping up on us and I love the fun pictures that I can take. Here is what we did this afternoon.

October 18, 2009

Weekend visitors

This weekend Lances' sister Rashelle, her husband Dave and their two boys, Brayden and Devin came to Idaho for a visit. We LOVE it when we get visitors. It doesn't happen very often but when they come we really enjoy the company. Seems like Idaho is too far off the beaten path sometimes and Utah has become the middle ground for this family.
The weather was perfect and the days were full of fun. We spent a lot of time at the parks, which the kids loved and we did too because we got to sit and chat. Lance is the 4th of 10 children. Rashelle is the oldest sibling and I have really enjoyed getting to know each of my in-laws bit by bit. Gives me more one on one time with them and I really like that.

Meet the Blacks. They are such a cute family. Their boys are adorable. We love this great family. Dave works for BYU and Rashelle, well she is one mom that has it together. She is my oil guru next to my mother-in-law. I love getting all the information I can about that. I feel they are more informable about things then my children's pediatrician. What a sweet family.

Like I said we spent a lot of time outside. Playing in parks and riding the 4-wheelers. Here are a few pictures from our weekend with the Blacks.

Brayden and Keaton got along so well. They were good buddies

We wanted to feed the ducks, not the geese. There were so many, they were pecking at the kids for the bread. They didn't like that very much.

Thanks for coming Blacks! We loved your visit. We will see you again in a couple of days for BYU's homecoming. We are extending the invitation to anyone else who might like to come up to Idaho for a visit.