August 11, 2015

It's been quite awhile since I have posted anything on here. I think I left off after my surgery back in April. So much to share and my brain is fried. I have recovered pretty well. I give my diet and strict schedule of working out credit for my fast recovery. It took me a good month before I felt like I was able to get back into the gym. Now I am back and it feels so good. There are a few things that aggravate my chest and back but it is working its way back to normal. Summer has come and gone and I am sitting here wondering where our summer went. We didn't really plan much in the form of trips because we were unsure of future cancer treatments and what were were up against. Now that cancer is not in our future we were left with an open schedule. Baseball kept us busy. Keaton was a part of the West Valley Little League and had a great time. He made great friends and learned so many valuable lessons. We are so thankful for great coaches and friends who made that a great experience for Keaton and for our family. Each weekend consisted of 2-3 games and practices and many other commitments. Keaton was faced with many challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. He played very well and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome of their team this year. We stayed busy. With what you ask me? I can't quite tell you with what but we were busy. This summer we had the privelage of having my brother-in-law Preston live with us. He finished a year at BYU Provo and then came up to live with us for the summer to work with Lance. We LOVED having him! The kids loved it and Lance and I loved it as well. We really grew to love Preston. My children just adore him and we will be sad when he heads back to school this week. In June we attended Lance's brothers medical school graduation in Lebanon, Oregon. Crazy little place but it was nice to get away. There were a few of us who made it and flew into Portland and we rented a beach home on the Newport coast. Talk about a cold place. Not my kind of beach to play on. It was pretty cold. But we had a great time attending his graduation and being there to support him in such a great accomplishment. In July we made it down to Utah to see family. Our kids had been begging us to take them to Lagoon so this year we finally did it and everyone joined in too. We had a great time there. The next day was another full day at the Provo Rec Center. Ever been there? It's amazing and you otta go next time you are there. We need on of those in Boise. The first part of August Lance took the boys up to Stanley Lake to visit my mom and extended family up at their campsite for a day or two. The kids loved that. They love camping. I would have gone but not with my younger two. It would not have been enjoyable so I leave it to Lance to take the older boys and they sure loved it! In June we met with the plastic surgeon. Dr. Ninu Mistry is her name and she came highly recommended. Surgery is scheduled for October 12 th. Kind of nervous for that but ready to get it over with. Cancer has not left me untouched. I am forever marked because of it and it will take some time to get it back. Surgery will be pretty detailed and it will be a little painful but bring it on and let us move on! Our children have been pretty supportive and have just been interested in the whole process. Its been good to inform them of what is up ahead of us. Nothing scary, just different. For a short time. Our children are growing right before our eyes. Conversations change and they understand more. It's hard to keep things from them. They are getting so big. Where did time go? Where are my little kids? 

Lance and I are doing our best to raise our children strong, but loving, independent but warm, courageous yet prayerful and confident but humble.  I hope that they can search inward, reach outward and always look heavenward.  For they’ve got an incredible road ahead of them.