June 24, 2010

Boise Zoo

The Boise Zoo is not much to talk about.  But it had been quite awhile since we last went.  The weather has been beautiful and Thursdsays, children under 3 are free.  That is half of us and Lance is out of town so I decided to pack the kids up and go.  My sister Rachel and her daughter Ava went with us.  We went to their home to pick them up and stayed for lunch and then the we went down to Boise to see the animals.  Let me tell you that the Boise zoo is pretty much dissappointing.  There are not many animals and the ones they have are either sleeping or pretty well hidden that the kids get frustrated that they can't see them.  I know I was.  Oh well.  What I wouldn't give to have a zoo like Portland's around.  That was an amazing zoo.  But nonetheless, my kids had a good time.  I think the highlight was nasty cotton candy and the merry-go-round ride that we went on twice.  They loved that.

It was so stinkin hot.  The weather went from just right to incredibly hot.  Now don't laugh when I say that it got up to 84 degrees today and that is hot for us.  I know you are laughing to yourself thinking I am a big wimp but it was really really warm.  Owen even thought so.  He was so sweaty and so tired that he laid his head down on the stroller and almost fell asleep. That never happens by the way.

It was nice to get out and do something worthwhile with my children.  Sometimes I tend to use the warm weather for an even better excuse to stay indoors but I am so glad we made it out.

We are trying to potty train Andrew again for the 4th time. Wish us luck. So far so good.  I am hoping that he is finally ready.  I know I am.

Thanks Rachel and Ava for a fun day at the zoo.  Let's do it again soon.

June 19, 2010


I swear June is the offical month for parades.  Seems like we have had one after the other.  We can't complain, it is has been free entertaiment and my children love them.  June starts off with Star Mule Days, which is no longer around.  I won't argue with that one either because it is the dumbest parade I have ever been to.  It's one of those parades where there are only automobiles advertising their buisness on the side,  an occasional clown on a motorcycle, and oh, can't forget the camel that makes its grand appearance.  Then after that is Eagle Fun Days.  I have attended this parade ever since I can remember as a child.  I love Eagle Fun Days.  There are a lot of fun things to do such as the rodeo, carnival rides, and the fun parade and the snow cones which are the best part. 
Now imagine with me the largest gathering of redneck people in the world.  People literally come in their swimsuits, coolers full of water balloons, and water guns filled to the brim just waiting for the water fight that happens as the last fire truck passes through.  Yes, there is a huge water fight.  It is the parade vs. the city.  Literally hundreds of people participate in this water fight.  Some years we have done it but most of the time we are spectators from a distance.  This year unfortuantely we didn't make it for the water fight.  Our dear friend Jason and his two children were baptized just shortly after the parade started.  We went to the first part and the kids loved it. 

The baptism was amazing.  Probably the best baptism I have ever attended.  Jason is a single dad of three.  He works with Lance and he has become like family to us.  His children are very sweet and they are just an all around amazing family.  There were so many people in attendance at the baptism.  I was overcome with the out pouring of love that everyone showed towards them.  The largest audience I have seen at a baptism.  It was a great way to spend our Saturday and a neat opportunity for my children.

Last night was the Meridian Dairy Day Parade.  We have taken our children every year since we moved back to Boise.  There is a ton of free chocolate milk, string cheese and some years ice cream sandwiches.  Hence the name Dairy Day parade.  This parade is the best one as far as floats and diversity.  My boys loved watching it.  They got a free T-shirt, candy and had a lot of fun with family and friends who went with us.  Owen liked it too. Even though he should have been at home in bed, he did really well.  Some of the loud noises startled him but he had a good time too.  Thanks to everyone who came with us.  It was fun to be with you!

I love this picture.  Keaton just wanted Owen to sit on his lap and tell him about all the fun things they were seeing in the parade.  He has been so sweet with him.

We love June! We love parades! Good parades.  We are sad to see the month already go.  Honestly, where did the time go?

June 16, 2010

Brantly L. Snyder

My brother-n-law John and his wife Carrie are living with us this summer and on June 9th their first little guy was born. Brantly Lavar Snyder was 8 lbs. 9 oz. and he was 2 1/2 weeks early. We have enjoyed having a newborn in our home again. He is such a good baby. Mom and baby are doing just fine.

I loved this picture. Owen was so intrigued by this little guy.

Welcome to our family baby Brantly! We love you!

June 10, 2010

Backyard Extreme Makeover

It finally happned! Our backyard is liveable now and we LOVE it! Thanks to all of you who helped us out. We couldn't have done it without you. It was a lot of work but it was so worth it. Now we can enjoy our backyard. At least when the weather is nice.
So here is the run down of what we did......

- we laid bark down in all the flowerbeds along the home and all over in the back. There are a lot of flowerbeds too. We also had to lay down the weed fabric before that also. Tedious work. But I didn't do much. I just sat and watched the workers bring my back yard to life.

- we trimmed up all the trees around the waterfall. You couldn't even see the waterfall thanks to the hidious trees that were covering it up. And suprise, we found out we have 3 pine trees tucked up back there. Now  you can see through the trees and the waterfall. It is tremendous. Beautiful and relaxing.

- we brang in a truck load of new river rock to put around the waterall to fill in the gaps that were bare showing the old weed fabric that was underneath.

-we brang in a truck load of sand for the new sand box. By the way, my children LOVE that. It has been calling all the neighbor kids too. It is a great asset to the backyard. I recommend those!

-we planted some flowers, pulled out our barbeque grill. Bought a hanging flower basket and just filled the back yard with company.

Now everytime I got out I feel as if I am on a vacation. It is that nice. My pictures don't do it justice but just believe me when I say it is amazing. I love the sound of the waterfall cascading down the rocks. I have my windows open everyday so you can hear it throughout my home. It is a such a relaxing sound.
Each night two huge bull frogs make their presense known by their enormoulsy loud crocking. My brother-n-law Joh is fed up with them. I think they crock just for him because it irritates him to no end. Each night he kindly walks out to the pond and throws some rocks into the pond, hoping that he will get lucky and hit them and they will stop all together. It quites down for a few minutes and John sits back and enjoys the peace and quite and then all of a sudden they will start up again. I think they like it, the bothering him. I just know it.
Now John and Carrie are starting to get used to it as they sing our whole household to sleep each night. All of our neighbors have mentioned that they can hear them too. We might have to escort some of those frogs out. I like them!
Now we enteratain, read, eat and just hang out in our backyard. I LOVE it out there. You are welcome to come and join us too because once you come you will not want to leave.

June 4, 2010

Be patient with me!

My computer is having major issues and for some reason I cannot connect with the internet here. I will post just as soon as I can get my computer up and running. Until then, I am using my sister-in-laws laptop.
Pictures to come, our backyard extreme makeover. It is fabulous.  You are gonna love it just as much as I do. I honestly feel like I am on vacation everytime I step outside and see the beautiful landscaping. I love the waterfall. It is the most relaxing sound. I am painting my sister and brother-in-laws room upstairs. Goodbye checkered wall. It is going to look amazing. Pictures to come on that again when my computer is up and running.
We are doing well. This weekend we have a big pre-paid legal party/gathering at our home and a big baby shower too on Saturday. Wish us luck!