December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We are headed to Arizona today! Wishing everyone we know and love a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Updates when we get back.

December 2, 2012

Healing Fears

Healing Fears

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face. . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
As you work to create a successful and happy life, you will be led to face your fears and then overcome them. This is a natural part of the process of achieving excellence—and one you shouldn’t prevent. True, it can be terrifying to uncover and heal your innermost fears. But isn’t it even more frightening to consider leaving this earth never having reached your highest potential?

In order to become all that you can be here on earth, you must, indeed, “do the thing you think you cannot do.” Transforming your fears is a worthy priority.
Fears produce powerful thought energy. In fact, fear can often be as powerful as faith, prompting us to stand still, just as faith prompts us to move forward and take the great leap that leads to better things. Fear tends to occupy the bulk of a person’s thoughts, thus overwhelming the natural thinking power that helps individuals mold and create happy, successful lives. When you allow fear to govern your thoughts, you focus your attention on what’s negative rather than what’s positive. Then you risk living out experiences that match your fears.

Letting go of fear is essential and necessary in order to love. “Love is letting go of fear,” says author Gerald G. Jampolsky, who has written a book on the subject. When you heal your fears, you replace those feelings with faith and hope, thus gravitating toward love. Trust becomes a by-product of your actions, and fears begin to fade away. And this is when the miracles happen: you begin to manifest more of what you want in life that is positive.
You learn that your daily actions and responses can be motivated by love or fear—it’s your choice! Choosing to heal your fears and allow love to be the mainstay motivation throughout life will help you to be happy, peaceful, and successful. When you face your fears—and you do this by deciding that the next step needs to be taken because you love yourself and those around you and you have confidence that you can succeed—most of the time you will inevitably discover that what you once feared really isn’t all that scary . . . or at least not as scary as it once seemed.
Fear can blow situations out of proportion, making something small seem monstrous in your mind. Remember that your fears and your imaginations are incredibly powerful. Then use your faith and ability to love (rather than your fears) to help you succeed.

Decemeber is here

I have a feeling this blogging buisness is going to end soon. I feel like I don't really have a lot of time to sit down and write about all the crazy things we have been doing. By the time I sit down each night I am too tired to do anything. I just want to curl up with a good book and read. Not type out my days, weeks and months. But nonetheless, here I am.
I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last wrote. I swear once Halloween is over, the rest of the year just passes in the blink of an eye. The end is almost here and we have so much still to do and accomplish.
Thanksgiving was nice. We didn't go anywhere this year. Since we are going to be in Arizona for Christmas we stayed here and had Thanksgiving with my family. It was nice. My sister decided to come and be with us this year. That was great and my brother Justin came home for a week and that was so much fun. Being all together was a wonderful thing.
I can't honestly say we did a ton of fun, crazy things that we had planned but we did have a good time doing a few things together. Bowling, going to movies, shopping and just hanging out. My children had the entire week off so we took them to see Wreck-it-Ralf one day and they just loved that. Eating too many treats, not working out and having late nights was fun for awhile but man, I am telling you, there is nothing like being back on track and on schedule. I feel good. My kids are good and life is happy and wonderful.

Now it is December and this month is going to fly by even faster. We have so much going on. The list is never ending but all of it is good and will be a lot of fun, minus the traveling. I wish we could just close our eyes and wish us there but unfortunatley I will have to wait for that until I can create my own world :).

Lance's youngest sister Camille, who, I just adore and love, is getting married Januay 2nd in the Mesa, Arizona temple. So to make it worth the drive we decided to go to Arizona for Christmas. At first I was dreading the drive and being away from our own home and traditions, I am actually really excited. There will be all of Lance's siblings together, minus Preston, who is currently serving his misison in Singapore now. But we are so thrilled to talk to him on Christmas day.  All my sister-in-laws will be there and we will all be under one roof. I know, I know, crazy but a good crazy. Can't wait.

So Camille will take our her endowements the day after Christmas and then on the 27th we have decided to surprise our children with a trip to Disneyland this year for our family Christmas present. I think they will be pleasantly surprised. I am not a huge Disney fan. Yes, I admit it, not really a fan but it will be worth seeing my children so happy. So we will drive to Disneyland and stay until the 30th and then head back to Arizona for some fun wedding festivities and then head back home on the 6th. It is going to be a long trip but we can do it.

I love my in-laws. They are wonderful people and we all have so much fun together. So until we leave we have ward Christmas parties, a birthday party to celebrate, an anniversary, finish up Christmas shopping, take kids to the dentist and the list goes on and on. Tis the season.
Now I just need to finish up my list of people to send out Christmas cards too. Happy Decemeber!!!!!!

November 13, 2012

Half over

Is Thanksgiving really next week? Where have I been? I don't even have anything planned yet. Have no clue what is going to happen, where we are going to go and with who. I am hoping my parents invitation is still open.
This month just like all the others seems to be passing faster than I can keep up. My kids are growing up way too fast, and sometimes not fast enough. I know, I know, everyone tells me not to wish it too fast. I don't really wish it, it just seems so on days like today that I wish it would. Do I make any sense?
I am really, really tired. Ever since the time change about two weeks ago our family routine has been screwed up. Instead of my children waking up at 6:30 a.m., which I thought was insanely too early, are now waking up at 5:30 a.m. and demanding breakfast. UUUGGGHHH!
Lance has been teaching early morning seminary this entire week and when he wakes up the whole house wakes up. Seems like our little house echos and it wakes everyone up. So at 5:45 I start to hear Ellie making some sounds in her room. By this time Owen has been awake 3 times and is running up and down the hallway turning on every bright light he can reach for and turning it on, waking everyone up and them that makes us all tired and grouchy. Well this morning he ran into Keaton's room and woke him up telling him that Ellie needed to get out of her crib.
Keaton is amazing! Can I just tell you that? He seriously gets up every morning and has taken upon himself the job of taking care of Ellie so mom and dad can sleep alittle more. Well I am usually up and running by 6 to be at the church to teach our workouts. I am in the door by 7 a.m. and the hosue is awake. Well this morning Keaton did it again. He took Ellie upstairs and put Cinderella on for her. She LOVES that movie. All I have to do is ask her " Wanna watch Cinderella?" and it turns tears into smiles. Love that about her. She will sit so still and watch. Is that bad to use that as a crutch? Well, I don't care right now because I need time, sometimes.
Well this morning I tried to fall back asleep to catch a few more minutes of shut eye when I hear Keaton coming. Next thing I know, I am laying down covered in cereal, milk and yogart. Keaton tried to make me breakfast in bed, Keaton style and while trying to make it to me in bed, he tripped on something and this sweet little tray of food that he prepared for me came crashing down on me. I was literally covered in milk, fruit loops and peach yogart. How gross is that?
My first reaction? Well I yelled. I shouldn't have, but I was dead tired, and covered in food. My poor son ran to his room crying. I cried then too. I went into his room and cried in front of him. I told him I was really sorry for being upset. I told him I would still eat the food he made for me and he cheered right up. So what did my son do next? He cheered me on and I had to try and scoop the cereal back into my bowl and eat it. Yes, I know, how gross! But it made him happy. I was happy about that too.
Did I take pictures? My friends all asked me today. No! I did not. That was not my first reaction. I wish it was. I will hopefully look back on it and laugh one day. The thought was so sweet and that is what makes me smile about that each time.
Like I said, Lance has been subing in early morning seminary all this week. That means he has to be up by 5:30 a.m. and out the door a quarter till 6. Class starts at 6:25 a.m. Then he is back home around 8 a.m.. Just about the time my kids are asking for lunch. I haven't been able to go and workout this week. I am feeling it. I am tired! I am grouchy! I need to run!!!!
Well it is almost 10 p.m. and I need to go to bed! Good night!!!!

November 2, 2012


This was the first year in many years when we did not have a trunk or treat to go to. I was kind of bumned about that but we found another great alternative. My sister Rachel lives in Middleton and in a great subdivision so we took our kids over there to trick or treat.
But let me start from the beginning of our day. We started the day with a healthy breakfast of Krispy Kreme Halloween donuts and hot chocolate. Then all the kids had school so that was nice. I went and volunteered at Andrew's school harvest party. I had a great time being with Andrew and watching him have a fun time. They had a lot of different stations to go to for snacks, crafts and fun games. Then I went straight home to be picked up by one of my most favorite friends, Diane Payne. We went to take her son, Cardston, who is a senior this year to go downtown Boise and take his senior pictures. We had a great time. I think we laughed the whole time.  Then I got home just in time to make a quick dinner and then dress the kiddos in their costumes and head to Middleton. The whole day felt like it was go, go, go but that made it all the more entertaining. Since my days are spent pretty much at home since we have a schedule to keep to. It was nice for a change.
The weather was perfect! The day was warm and sunny but towards the evening it started to get overcast and then it cooled down quite abit, just as we were starting to trick or treat. But that didn't stop us. Ellie was a sport to sit in her stroller and just go for a ride. She was the most well behaved Lady Bug there was.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween too! Until next year......

Palmer's Harvest Party

Once again the Palmer's party did not disapppoint my children. They LOVED it! It was perfect weather and perfect company. We all met up at my parents house to have breakfast for dinner. My kids are big fans of that. Breakfast for any meal really gets no complaints from them. Then we dressed the kids up and walked down to the Palmers.
This year Spiderman and Captain America parachuted into the party. That was fun. Then the plane flew over head to drop all the candy out for everyone to pick up. Since there were so many people this year it was next to impossible to find just one piece of candy on the ground. Keaton and Andrew were off running with friends in search of candy and I was helping Owen find a few pieces. He was in tears. He was so sad that he couldn't find anything. Seriously when the plane flies over and dumps buckets of candy out the window, it falls fast and hits you really hard. I got hit in the head with a number of hard pieces of candy, so did Owen. He didn't really like that. With the help from other adults, Owen was able to fill up his bucket and walk away a happy camper. Ellie was a trooper and had a great time. I think she was just so entertained with how many people were there and all the costumes. She really didn't make too many sounds.
Only sad thing is, this was the Palmer's last year to host the party. It has become so huge that it is just overwhelming to continue. It started about 4 years ago as a ward Halloween party and then each year the word spread alittle further and further out, this year it was estimated that close to 900 people were there. That is a lot of people. My children will greatly miss this fun tradition we started. I guess we are just going to have to come up with our own party to start.

October 25, 2012

Fieldtrip to the Berry Ranch

This morning was Owen's second fieldtrip with his preschool class so far this year. They have a fieldtrip planned every month and today happened to be the big day. Ms. Emily planned to go to the Berry Ranch yesterday but since it was forecasted for rain, that really never came, she postponed it until the following day, today. We woke up to fog, and lots of it. You couldn't even see the home across the street from us, it was that dense. It was really beautiful. Well the field trip was still on and so I loaded Andrew and Owen up in the car all bundled up nice and warm and headed out to the Berry Ranch. I have never been there but I have heard a lot about it. It is open all year long. You can pick your own produce almost year round and in the fall you can pick your own pumpkins, play in the hay maze, feed the chickens and turkeys, play a fun game of pumpkin bowling and then roam the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin.
It was cold! Really cold! But we survived and had a really fun time. I am glad that boys had a good time. I had a fun time playing with them and visiting with all the other friends there. Thanks Ms. Emily for a fun field trip.

October 20, 2012

Picking Pumpkins

Every year we have always gone to Jeremey's Pumpkins to get out stash. This year we had a great time. The kids run wild and pick their pumpkins and there is so much to look at. This year Ellie was excited as well.

October 19, 2012

Swim Lessons

This past summer was our first attempt at swim lessons. I know I am a slacker and my children should be able to swim laps comfortably but not the case with us. This year we heard of one of the young women in our ward who was teaching swim lessons. So we jumped on it. It was a great deal and my boys were pretty excited about it. Needless to say it only lasted a week long. Looking back now I should have kept them in for a few weeks in a row so they would master swimming. But they did a lot in just that one week. Half of our ward was in their class. Well I shouldn't say that, there were only 4 of them and they were all in our ward. When we arrived the kids from our ward were just ending and when it was our time to leave, other children from our ward were showing up for their lessons. It was a fun week. I really enjoyed sitting on the side and watching them learn. Keaton did really well. He is my one child where everything just comes naturally to him. I don't know how it happened but everything just comes to him and he adapts, understands and can do just about anything pretty quickly. He is amazing!
Andrew on the other hand. Well he is really sweet. Let me just say he tries so hard. He did improve but I am still not comfortable enough to let him swim on his own without his floaties yet. Next year we will get it figured out and then I won't have to worry about him as much. He will get it, no doubt about that.
On their last day of swim lessons, Aubrey and her mother took pictures of the kids under water. Keaton got some fairly good ones and Andrew, well it took him all he had to just go under and stay under. So you won't see him with his eyes open. Aren't they so adorable?
Until next year!

We will miss you summer days!

October 7, 2012

My to do list this week.....

This is going to be a busy week.  This is my last week before I run. We are meeting up in Provo this coming weekend. It is going to be a piece of cake! No, not really but I am ready for it. I have worked hard and have gained a great love for running. But lately I have been nervous running by myself out in the middle of nowhere because there have been sittings of a mountain lion in the area. Can't really run and be chased, let alone eaten by a mountain lion. I have really missed not being able to run. This week I took kind of a break. It was nice because I have beeen go, go, go lately and the break was a welcome. Now it is time to get back on track.
I am also putting together a small misison reunion.  I am not sure who will all show up. I have about 10 people who say they really want to come. So that should be a lot of fun. My mission was a huge part of my life. I learned the most on my mission about myself, my relationship with Heavenly Father and where I stood with him and I found and made the most amazing friends ever! Seriously, I was so blessed on my mission. Some people asked me if I would do it all over again. Absolutely, but only on one condition. If all the same people were there again. They made the mission. They honestly did. Not only the missionaries, but the country, the people I grew to love and call family away from my own family. I learned to love people who really gave me hard times. I know that was for my benefit. I grew to love others and that is where I truly became happy.
One funny thing that happened to me while I was doing that photo shoot for the wedding I did this past weekend. I have never taken pictures of a wedding outside the temple. Come to think of it I have never taken pictures of a temple wedding either. This was my first time to attend a wedding that wasn't LDS. It was interesting.  They were very nice people, just a very different setting. The reverend that marreid the couple was a woman who started her own buisness as reverend. Kind of interesting. She approached me and asked if I would be interested in taking some pictures for her daughter who was in a beauty pagent and all the other contestants. So I agreed and I am in the works of getting that put together. I am also scheduling senior pictuers on the side.
Lance and I also leave for Provo Friday afternoon.  Lance's family always meets up during BYU's homecoming weekend for some family festivities and that is what we will be doing as well. Last year we traveled to BYU's homecoming without kids and this year we are going to do the same. It makes it so much more fun and faster without kids. Plus my kids are happy to stay behind and play with Grandma. Their time will come when we leave for Arizona for Christmas. That will be a fun trip.
Lance's youngest sister Camille just got engaged and will be getting married on Jan. 2nd in the Mesa, Arizona temple. We are so thrilled for her and can't wait to meet Tanner.

October 6, 2012

Jennifer and Nathan

I have many passions in life. One of those is my love for photography. It is one of my dreams to own my own studio on day. One day that is. For now I just really love taking pictures and getting all the practice I can get. Well my Uncle Jim asked me awhile back if I would take some pictures at his daughter's wedding. I said yes and jumped right in, with both feet.
Well yesterday was their big day. They got married up in Hidden Springs, which I think for me was so beautiful. It is like it's own little community up away from the busy city life. All the homes are amazing, gorgeous and just out of a picture book. There is a community barn and that was where the wedding was going to be held. I brought my mom along with me because I needed some help and she was fabulous! Thanks mom!!! You were the greatest help! We had a great time. They were really fun to work with. I have never taken pictures of a wedding so I felt a little pressure to make sure I didn't miss out on anything.
We were taking pictures from 3- 10 p.m.  It was a crazy day, but we made it! Congratulations to the new happy couple!

September 30, 2012

Life as we know it

I seriously cannot believe it has been alittle over 2 weeks since I posted. I am so sorry. Actually does anyone read this? If you have read this, then please leave a short comment. I have been debating whether or not to say goodbye to the blogging world or if this is something I am going to look back on one day and be so grateful I stuck with it. This year for my christmas present I just want to put all my blogs into a book. I think it is a brillant idea. So I have started to compile all of my of my posts and put them in ink. I can't wait!

Life has been crazy busy.  Where do I begin? You may or may not be bored with my life but this is for me because I feel like if I don't get it all out there I am going to just explode. I will start with my children. My first born Keaton. My oldest, dearest son is 7. Can you believe that? This week I have just stopped sometimes to do whatever it is I am busy doing and just watch him. He is so excited to be baptized next summer.  He is already telling me all about what he wants to do when he is 8. He is seriously so sweet and so mischevious. Is that possible? He is a great helper when he wants to be and trouble when he thinks he can get away with it too.  He is doing great in school. I get to volunteer every Tuesday morning with some reading fluenices. I have really loved getting to see him in a classroom setting and interact with his classmates. He has a fabulous teacher this year and I have just been thrilled with his school. This week they have off for Fall Harvest break. He is really excited about that.  He is playing soccer and flag football. This week I got to go and watch him practice. He is really, really good. I hate to brag, but since he is my son and I love him, I think he was one of the best. He is just a natural and things come that way to him. They always have, and hopefully always will.  I am thinking about putting him piano in the winter. We will see. I think he would love gymnastics as well. I love giving them opportunities and then stepping back to see what they want to do with it. Continue it or ditch it.  This week, I have to share it. I was sitting in my room reading last Wednseday evening and he came in and asked me if he could come and sit by me. So he did and we sat there and talked. Just about random silly things. They were silly things but they were things of importance to him. He really wanted to have a conversation. I put what I was reading down and we just talked. I loved it! In fact when he went back to bed, I just sat there and got teary eyed. When did he grow up? I hope he can always come and talk to me so freely like he did.

Andrew, he is giving me a run for my money.  I look at him and wonder where on earth he came from. Do you have a child like that? I love, love, love him seriously with everything I have but sometimes I look at him and really believe that he is an instrument in the Lord's hands to teach my something valuable. He doesn't obey like we would like him to. We usually have to remind him 1,2,10 times to do something,but he usually does it. I wish it would after the first time he is asked but we are making baby steps.  He is on a soccer team as well. Andrew is a great player. His team is young and they really don't know what they are doing and all I want to do is laugh when I watch him play. Sometimes he is in the zone and focused and then there are other times when he is dozing off, probably thinking about candy or some kind of treat, he has been a great player on the team. He loves, loves, loves to ride the bus home each and every day from school. He has a great group of friends he rides with and we have a great schedule with him. The other day I was waiting for his bus to come. Come to find out it already had and there was no Andrew, neither his little friends that he rides the bus with. So I didn't really panic because I knew they would be together but still, myself along with another mom from our ward started to panic when there was no kids after 10-15 minutes. I am on the phone with the busing system and they can't figure out where they are and in the meantime I get a phone call from Lance telling me that Andrew was home. He had gone through an empty field on the way home and I passed right by them. Just about scared me. That is my Andrew, keeping me on my toes.

I did get to go to his class on Friday and volunteer for Apple Day.  He has a wonderful teacher as well. Keaton and Andrew are not in the same schoo. This year's lottery just didn't do that for us. So they are in seperate schools acrosee the street from each other, but it works and we have a great systerm going on. I have been impressed with both schools. Anways, he has a great teacher and she is like the grandma that just loves, loves her kids. I couldn't be more happier with his teacher. He is learning a lot. Last night was the Women's conference and I went with my good friends and Lance held down the fort. Well while I was gone Andrew was climbing a tree and he fell. The branches weren't as strong as he was heavy and so the tree beat him up all the way down. His face is pretty bruised. Especially his eye. He woke up this morning pretty tramatized by it. It was completely swollen shut. I will watch it for the next day or so and if it hasn't gone back down I will take him in. He got a pretty good cut and I think that is what is causing his eyelid to swell up like that. He doesn't complain of it hurting and he is opening it more and more.

Owen, well he is something else. Whoever said that two was terrible. I disagree, three has been much worse. I hope this is a phase that he is going through. But most days his main goal is to torment Ellie. Poor girl is learning to put up her own with him. She will start to growl and then head butt him and try to bite. We are teaching her that is a no, no. Anyways, Owen has preschool this year. He is starting to like it. It is taking him awhile to adjust. I have to admit something right now. Owen hates the wind.  Back in June we had a pretty good size storm roll through Boise. Well this storm blew everything over, trees, knocked out power and blew alll our paper and eating untensils and just blew them away like crazy. He didn't react too well to that and was terrified from that day on of the wind. Most days he doesn't really notice it but there are those days when the wind is blowing alittle harder and he will stop and look at the trees and run and ask me if a storm is coming. So we have to gently reassure him that there is no storm and that the wind is safe. Poor guy. I hope he gets over it soon. It's a killer. He is trying to keep up with the boys. His vocabulary has just doubled in size over the past few weeks. Talking full sentences and I am understanding it more and more. Love that about him. What I love about Owen is when he wakes up in the morning he will come into our room and come to my side and whisper if he can come sleep by me. I love it when his little face nestles into my neck and he falls back to sleep, most of the time.

Ellie, wow, she has really grown. Just this week she has started to walk like crazy. My baby is growing up. She is just the cutest girl that every walked the planet. Her smile. Her teeth. Her hair. Everything about her I just love and adore. But she is teething right now and she is extra clingy and well, that I could do without but she loves to be held and cuddled so I guess I can do it alittle longer. She is sleeping through the night now. That makes a huge difference. She takes good naps and is a great eater. She loves to play outside. What little kid doesn't it? Just the other day our little neighbor Carly came over and asked if she could take Ellie for a ride in her power wheel. Ellie just loved that. It made her whole day. Then all she wanted to do was sit in and and have someone take her for rides. It was so fun to watch her. She still loves bath time and hates to get dressed. When I change her diapers as well. I literally have to pin her down with my legs. It is something else. If only she would lay still for 5 seconds I could be done, but nope, it takes us a good 5 minutes to do it.
I wish time could freeze for her just awhile longer. She is loved!!!!

Lance is busy in the bishopric and building homes. He loves it! I am happy for him. He loves creating things with is hands and this is the perfect thing for him. He is currently building 4 homes with two others in the works. He constantly amazes me with his faith and determination to do what he wants to do and make a living out of it. Way to go hun!!!!!! Thanks for all the hard work you do.
As for me, well I feel like I am here, there and should be over there most of the time. I live in my car, running kids to and from school and then from scouts and back and then to sports. Life is crazy right now. I also teach every morning some workout classees. That has been a big deal for me. I teach every morning at 6 and we have a great time. I am losing inches and that is good.
I am still training for that marathon in October as well. Just really really busy. But I am happy and loving what I am doing. I will be doing some traveling teaching some oil classes coming up this month. We are headed to Washington and then to Oregon to teach, teach and teach some more. I never thought I would do this but here I am and I am loving it!
Wow, that is enough for now. Thanks for sticking with me. That was a lot.

September 16, 2012

David Osmond at doTERRA Convention

Here he is.  This is the song he sang for us and he was an awesome entertainer.

doTERRA Convention 2012

This was my first year attending the doTERRA Convention.  Can I just say, it was FABULOUS!!!! I can't wait to go back next year.  But next year we will be walking across the stage as Diamond rank. I just know it.!
This year it was in the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I got Lance to go with me this year so he could get a feel for what I do and alittle more about the buisness side of things.  I hope he liked it. I think he was more surprised at the medical back grounds that many of the doctor's who spoke to us.
We were fortunate to have the best babysitter in the world stay with all our kids - Grandma! Thanks mom for watching the kids. Now do you understand why my days are crazy, hectic busy? Thanks for all you did! It was great to get away. I had been way too long. It was kind of too short if you ask me. I could have stayed a few more days. Maybe some other time.
Well we got there early Thursday morning. Lance and I woke up early and got there in time.  We met up with our good friends who almost feel like family to us.  They were so much fun to be with. We work alot together and our kids are friends. They have really helped me out with the buisness part of doTERRA. They have also taught me almost all I know so far.
We were at convention from Thursday to Saturday evening. Then we drove back home late last night so Lance could be back to church today.
Convention was amazing! If you have never gone you need to go. It will change your persepective and your attitude on essential oils. If you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, give me a call, text or email me. It will change your life like it has mine and the life of my children.  We are happy and healthy.
Thursday doTERRA recognized all the Silver rankings in the company which meant that Lance and I got to walk across stage and meet the advisory.  Now mind you, we are in the Salt Palace and there are 7,000 + people there from all parts of the world. There is loud music, fun lights and music. It was just a huge rush for me to get up there on stage and have our names flash across the stage was so much fun.
I got to meet Dr. David Hill, the chief medical advisor for doTERRA. This man amazes me with his knowledge of the oils. I could listen to him all day long. I got my picture taken with him while we were back stage waiting our turn to go out.

There was so much to learn.  Friday we had breakout sessions all day long. We had a schedule to choose from. There were so many good classes and seminars that I would have loved to attend but due to limited time we hit some of the most favoirtes. We learned a lot from skin care, to infant-toddler care, to how to help grow a buisness. I have a whole notebook full of notes. I wish I could share them with everyone.
Friday night we went out to eat after the last session got out at 5:30 p.m.  We ran across the street to Olive Garden and met up with my brother and all our downline for dinner. It was good eats too! Then we went to hang out with Matt and Anna and we decided to go to Gateway Mall. I have never been there and Matt seemed to know his way around downtown on the bus/train, whatever it is, a tram I think. Well we ended up towards the University and quite aways from where we wanted to be. Now mind you it was 7:30- 8 p.m. when we were doing this. We finally found the right route because a kind lady showed us where to go. Well we got there and the mall was closed. Not too much going on so we headed back and decided to hang out in Matt and Anna's room and see if there was a movie on but nope, there was nothing but Johnny Cash, Walk the Line movie so we all started to watch that until we all started to feel sleepy and around midnight we all called it quits. So much for a free night without kids and what did we do with our time? We still had a fun time with them.  The great thing was, no kids, no time schedule to follow. We were on our time table. It was so nice and so relaxing.
Saturday was the last day. It was full of motivational speakers, musicians and everything else. I really loved it. The first speaker was Kyle Maynard. Ever heard of him? Well he was born without arms and legs. He is a motivational speaker now all over the world sharing his story of sucess and overcoming trials. He recently cliimed Mt. Kimamanjaro to spread a friend's ashes at the top, plays football, is a wrestler, owns his own gym to train disabled people, drives a Taheo and lives a normal life. Talk about an amazing story. I won't go into too much detail, but I walked away amazed with his story and his life.  The DJ for the doTERRA Convention was David Osmond. He was really funny and had a beautiful voice. He wrote a song for the convention and here it is if you want to see a video.....

Nathan Pachenco also sang for us. His first album comes out on Tuesday. The next Josh Groban for sure. I cried while he sang, it was so amazing.
It was hard for me to come home. I was in my element. I was so excited to start up again and get things going. Time to get to work, because next year, we are going Diamond!!!!!!!!

 This is my brother Justin and I outside of City Creek Mall. It was so fun to catch up with him on the evenings. Thanks for a great time Justin!
I have loved all that doTERRA has to offer. It has changed me, my family and I hope there is a lot more down the road for us. It has been a huge blessing for us. Thank you!!!!!!!!