April 13, 2015


It's been a week since I had surgery. It's been a fairly okay week too. Surgery was successful. They removed all the cancer they could find. Doctor also removed 4 of my lymph nodes to test them for any signs that cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. Its called the Sentinel Node Biopsy. Surgery was about two hours. After I came to they put me to my room and I saw Lance and my father standing there with two thumbs up telling me that everything went well. That was our sign that things went well. I saw them with two thumbs up and all I could do was cry. We all cried.
All the lymph nodes came back clear. No sign of cancer in them at all. I had a 5 cm tumor that was cancerous. It was diagnosed at DCIS in SITU. Meaning that cancer cannot spread outside the milk duct. But the surgeon was lead to believe that it had some invasive components to it. So we had no idea what was really going on until the surgeon could go in and physically see it.
I stayed in the hospital over night. We had a steady stream of non stop visitors. It was so nice to have people come and take my mind off of pain. The pain was not as bad as I had anticipated.
We were released the following afternoon and I went straight to my parents home. It has been quite the nice place to rest. They have been so sweet to take care of me and see that I am helped in anyway possible.
It's been a week and I am doing better. I have a drain that is still in me and probably will be for another week. Until then I have to rest and take it easy or this drain will never come out. That is the hardest part of it all. Laying down or sitting up is pretty much what I do with an occasional walk outside to get some fresh air.
My kids miss me and I miss them. I have come home a few times to visit and it seems to be really stressful on them and on me as well. It will be an adjustment to come back home and take on my role as mom again. I really miss it but I really need to rest to recover properly.
I received the phone call from my doctor that all the final pathology reports read that all the cancer has been cut out. I am officially CANCER FREE!!!!! Dr. Szentes said no radiation, no chemotherapy and possibly a hormonal therapy will be beneficial but we won't know much about that until we meet with my Oncologist. So far all is looking great. I am hopeful for a full recovery and everything can go back to the way things should be.
Thank from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us. Your prayers, emails, texts, phone calls, visits, goodness the list goes on and on. We are very grateful for the love and support you have all shown us. Now it is our turn to return that service.

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